Published by: Hansel Gil on 1st Feb 2017 | View all blogs by Hansel Gil

"saw a glimpse of the past and still there i saw a dazling, resplendent, bewitching, radiant beauty that once drove me mad. years since, my part of that past is an empty amphitheater. a deserted coliseum, where i poured my rank and ruling over a thing that could never be. everything gone except the memory of denied appeal over a whimsical Arabian fable, an idiot in love at the wrong time with the wrong person. HER CHARMING FACE  BROUGHT REMINDER OF MILES DOWN A LONG ROAD, OVERRATED HOPE AND HOW EASY IT IS TO GET LOST IN DREAMS OF ARCHITECTURE, when it's Arson and a willingness to set every structure purposely on fire; starting with the love letter of a desperate boy traped in walls of wasted affinity. had i known beauty is like papers from my journals, i would have ignited every slow second of built secrecy and fear. with a BLAZING, FLAMING, BURNING ANGUISH I WOULD HAVE TURNED DUST AND ASHES THE LOVE I BUILT ON OBSESSION. agreeably all things eventually settles and the sands of any blunder in my book ends in peacefull alchemy."


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  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 10 months ago
    Very nice bleed... #turnupthevolume
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