bildo the changeling

bildo the changeling

64 years old
magikal kyjabi
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The hurricane has turned into a gentle, peaceful breeze. Be careful lillte elves. We dare not fucking sneeze!
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    lewis carroll
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    "You may not be what you think you are but you are what you think."
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Welcome to magikal kyjabi

Welcome to my world of magik fairies
And the rasp and straw and the black of berries,
Junkie trolls who have no souls,
Little pixies and humble elves
Who learn the gift of freedom
And find the truest nature of themselves.


A frightened junkie giggled when I called him "elf" one day.
It opened up a fraction of a window or a sliver of a door
So he wouldn't run away, so he wouldn't run . . . .”No more.”

It took away his pain from the deadly, demon rein.
It took away his pain from the wanted need to score.
It gave him a magik name that didn’t hurt him any more.

bildo, the manik, magik fairy, took it upon himself
To call all the junkies of the world “ Just simple, little elves,”
A name he shared in equalness, a name, he even placed upon himself.

It took away their fear of the fairy coming near.
It gave them thoughts of “clean and hope” and let them shed their tears.

It helped them free themselves from the demons deadly dope.
All they needed was no judgement, just a little, fucking hope!

Not a bad accomplishment for a magik, fairy queer,
Just simple, little elves,
Some. . . . . . . Now clean for many years!

How the story tells

The story of bildo started with one little elf
And healing magik from the bildo, fairy elf
But now there are many.

It does evolve with new beginnings and unpredictable endings.
Some are quite serious and some are simply funny.

The middle, somehow seems to stay the middle
But always there will be a new enchanting rhyme
Or a twisted, little riddle. . . .
It just takes a little time.

That's how the story tells.
It's alive, all by itself,
The ongoing story of bildo and his many, magik masks
With a little healing for all the lost and lonely, little, no-name elves.
. . . .A simple, little task!

billy george (bildo, the fairy elf)

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