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  • Sonnet Diva
    by Sonnet Diva 1 year ago
    wishing you the Merriest Christmas my friend
  • Sonnet Diva
    by Sonnet Diva 3 years ago
    sending hugs you disappeared and hope all is ok
  • Jasmine Nightingale
    by Jasmine Nightingale 3 years ago
    Thanks for the friend request .. I am not here very much, but will read your work as possible .............. Jazz:)
  • crystal jackson
    by crystal jackson 4 years ago
    looking forward to another write
  • Joyce Judd
    by Joyce Judd 4 years ago
    Hey Karen, I just noticed you're not on Facebook anymore, so I thought I'd stop by here to say hi and hope evrything is ok.
  •  Maria Mosaic  Poetry
    by Maria Mosaic Poetry 4 years ago
    Hi lady if your in town with Mr C call me!! I wil message you my phone number I cant find you at FB , says your page is deactivated, so been trying to get a message to you!!
  • Sonnet Diva
    by Sonnet Diva 5 years ago
    Happy Mother' day karen hope it's a good one
  • Rebel Coyote
    by Rebel Coyote 5 years ago
  • Sonnet Diva
    by Sonnet Diva 5 years ago
    LMAO that Pic is perfect for Jack and the monkeys in his head
  • Sonnet Diva
    by Sonnet Diva 5 years ago
    Ah Karen chuckling here, we have to wind the bossman up. Let's see if the writers can make a dent