Published by: Depth Writer on 22nd Dec 2016 | View all blogs by Depth Writer



 Tender, untamed kisses escaped wild lips, of impregnated thoughts and hourglass shaped fingertips.


Wintery blankets draped over the bodies of dead carcus and the bones quickly turning to dust,blowing afar and ago---


Battles breaking the silence of muted breaths

Bloody remains eroding under the skin of flaking hills and the chuckles of evil men.


Shirts strung to a twig--- s.o.s.

Poor souls left behind the scenes of erogance

and the trousers of penniless pockets tied to the ledge of doom.



  • Hansel Gil
    by Hansel Gil 11 months ago
    this is deep....really like it.....I wrote something with the same title a while back so your work caught my attention and it is good.
  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 11 months ago
    Thank you :)
    I am happy it caught the opus :)
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