Published by: Arik Fletcher on 14th Feb 2017 | View all blogs by Arik Fletcher

We’ve known each other half our lives,

Through sunny day and winter chill,

So much has changed since we were young,

Except our love which never will.


We’ve shared this road for half our lives,

Through cheery smile and sorrowed tear,

So much we’ve seen along the way,

Yet we stay strong through each new year.


We’ve been entwined for half our lives,

Through happiness and tragedy,

So much has been in our shared time,

But through it all we’re meant to be.



  • Hansel Gil
    by Hansel Gil 5 months ago
    I hope for my life.
    5years and counting..i hope this last my life 100 years.
  • Arik Fletcher
    by Arik Fletcher 4 months ago
    Nicely done- 13 years with my better half! :-)
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