The choice

Published by: bildo the changeling on 28th Jun 2011 | View all blogs by bildo the changeling

The choice


The bottom has risen with the seed and chance of hope

To a safer place surrounded by the demons’ dope.

The watcher sees through the liquid glass of walls,

The distorted, elfish thoughts and the scatter of it all.


The watcher can only watch.

The magik of his work is done.

Time is the only eye to see

If the elf begins a standing still

Or continues with a softer, manik run.


The watchers’ gift must be freely taken

And placed inside the elfish heart.

The choice is now an inner, deeper one,

The choice of when and how

The elf will choose his cleaner, inner start.


The watcher watches in the shadow of the trees

Waiting for earth mothers’ day to come.

The hurricane has turned

To a deceiving, gentle breeze,

Deceiving our controlling elf

On his final, demon run.


The watcher simply watches.

He sees but does not see.

He hears. . . . . . .but only silence

As the elf continues to begin to be.



The watcher


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  • SisQueenRella ~~~
    by SisQueenRella ~~~ 6 years ago
    ~*~pray the choice of truth-n-life enmeshed by 3rd~eye wise~*~
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