Son of the Dragon

Published by: Arik Fletcher on 6th Nov 2017 | View all blogs by Arik Fletcher

A slave I was, but noble born,

A prince to be, they said in scorn,

A soldier bred, in pain and blood,

A single wave within the flood.


A war I fought, each battle won,

A thousand dead, I spared no one,

A field of spikes, my calling card,

A broken mass all burned and scarred.


A journey home, a prince at last,

A world away, that war-torn past,

A wife and son, a peace long sought,

A haven from all those I fought.


A tribute due, a price too high,

A choice to make, to fight or die,

A road to ride, a deal to make,

A slender chance I have to take.


A brother once, my noble kin,

A traitor now, not worth his skin,

A promise made, an oath he broke,

A final straw, no time to choke.


A war begun, a siege to come,

A day to plan, before the scrum,

A saviour found, a dream to dare,

A hellish choice, this curse to bear.



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