On This Day

Published by: Tarringo Basile-Vaughan on 12th Nov 2017 | View all blogs by Tarringo Basile-Vaughan

On This Day


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On this day,

            Share with us the celebration

            of love’s eternal journey

            as two souls join hand to hand

as a destination of one.


On this day,

            Sing with us the song

            of joy and the freedom

            of commitment as the smile of our tears

collaborate as one.


On this day,

            Stand with us as one family

            united in the victory

            of togetherness as two lives

bond into the marriage of one.



                        On this day,

Celebrate with us as a witness

            to the matrimony


of ever-lasting happiness

            as the destiny of two hearts

                                    say ‘I do’


(c) 2013

Tarringo T. Basile-Vaughan




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