No Repeat

Published by: Arik Fletcher on 20th Jul 2017 | View all blogs by Arik Fletcher

Real music is emotion,

Raw feelings from within,

A glimpse into a dark soul,

Exposed with every spin.


Each song is a reflection,

Of secret thoughts and dreams,

A story with true meaning,

Between the words and screams.


Deep lyrics are addictive,

A drug we must consume,

They cling to every dark note,

That calls us to our doom.


Each melody is sacred,

Despite what chart it tops,

And we will sing the chorus,

Until the music stops.



  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 4 months ago
    Nice rhyme and bleed right here Erik.
    Keep a bleeding that ink... Smiles
  • Arik Fletcher
    by Arik Fletcher 4 months ago
    Thanks! :-)
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