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A picture speaks a thousand words and words can paint a scene,
Alas when put together they are often stuck between,
For beauty in a work of art need never be defined,
Nor should the deepest words be shaped or in a frame confined.

This is but my opinion though it has been shared by some,
That words alone should be enough for poets yet to come,
For images can set a tone not found within the verse,
As words in turn change context and more often for the worse.

It is a modern folly to combine these works of art,
As in so doing meanings change and truth will fade in part,
For each must take its audience into a private dream,
Where they can seek what meaning their own heart and soul can gleam.

So heed my call dear poets and refrain from present form,
Allow your work to find a voice within the growing storm,
Your ink can tell a story without need for sketch or picture,
And you in turn will better write without this ill thought mixture.



  • Hansel Gil
    by Hansel Gil 4 months ago
    I like your line
    "..your ink can tell a story..."'
    It goes beyond just poetry...i do it often,
    I just finished reading 'The fall of the house of Usher' for the 100th time and no picture or movie can match how i imagine the house looks like. How the character Roderick Usher really looks like. I like your insight on word vs. Image.
  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 4 months ago

    Ink must rupture to bleed in its rightful context, texture and tone..

    Carry on!
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