Published by: Jozi Poet on 26th Dec 2017 | View all blogs by Jozi Poet

in any' Condition... .. . 

in Fact I am freezing... .. . 

This world is cold, 

I am tough my brain is old, 

I am hard to crack nor break I am bold, bigger and better, 

I will never melt like butter, or turn bitter, 

I will always be sweeter, through hail, hell, or snow, 

I will still show, Not Minding whether I blow, 

I am going up, even if the pace might seem slow, 

I am moving like I am in a tour, 

Surrounded by problems that pour, 

They, Look way difficult like they are genetically modified, 

But still: I am not burning or melting, 

But, cannabis I am burning, 

While sitting behind the desk learning, 

I am doing things, like I told somebody, that I am coming, 

Hell fires that I am going through are heart warming, but I am not burning or melting' I am still freezing, 

The heat percentage of my body keeps dropping, 

And when I look around, hard work, keeps popping,

But I am not burning nor melting, 

I keep calm in my pocket and continue crafting, 

I keep calm on my palm and continue creating,

No matter how hot it becomes, 

I was born prepared to take a Lot, 

in order to be able to identify my spot, 

I was not programmed to settle for what I got, 

I was born to go through the heat, as if I am a man with no heart beat, 

Wearing my daily poverty kit, washing and ironing it in the process, Trying to keep it neat, 

When I was born inside my brain it was already Lit, 

I just had to go on through the heat, 

Because I am immune to defeat, 

The more I fall, The more I become fit, 

Today I take any shape and form just like water, there is nowhere I can't fit, 

I will never burn or melt, under any condition... .. . in fact I am freezing, I am always doing things for myself, there is absolutely no one I am pleasing,

It is hot in this Life but the World is Cold, a Lot of people, their souls were sold, cheaper like Gold. 

But I am not burning or melting. 




Poem by: Jozi Poet 


Year : 2017










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