Jan 18th


By Arik Fletcher

I am more than my skin tone,

More than my place of birth,

I am more than my culture,

My species on this Earth.


I am more than my gender,

More than you may have heard,

I am more than a pronoun,

My sex is just a word.


I am more than a number,

More than a head to count,

I am more than a trophy,

My flesh not yours to mount.


I am a different person,

More than I was before,

I am my true reflection,

My secret life no more.


I am a phoenix rising,

More than the heart you spurned,

I am alive and learning,

My past self dead and burned.


I am a new beginning,

More than I was back then,

I am a different ending,

A chance to live again.

Jan 17th

Extant Angel

By Arik Fletcher

Don’t despair or miss me,

Do not shed a tear,

My love for you is still here,

To keep you safe from fear.


Our journey has not ended,

For I am still with you,

Forever more beside you,

To share in all you do.


Don’t feel that you have lost me,

Do not weep or frown,

My heart won’t let you feel down,

It will not let you drown.


Our story is not over,

This chapter just begun,

The pages so far from done,

As you walk with the sun.


Don’t forget the good times,

Do not let sadness show,

My soul shares all that you know,

And follows where you’ll go.


Our lives are never finished,

The memories live on,

To share the light we have shone,

Even when I am gone.


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