Sep 30th


By Depth Writer

Today, an air fractured its way through the thundering peacefulness of my heart and it broke to pieces below my head. Pillowing thoughts gravitated, rushed against a paling ocean, the pressure of escape weighed heavy upon my chest. Resting eyes of blue swung between light and darkness, as the hands slowly did breathe emotion inside. Now, I am sleeping under the stars and cold sail of morrow'- so sweet it is aching amongst the brow of creation.


Today, the bareness of infrastructure bore its port to painting bays where ships once docked, on the shore of deliverance and truth rang true  - blundering beings and their uselessness where love has torn itself apart. Tracing minutes of you, your brushed fingertips exhausted and flailing on shadows never seen. Nor the compass of moon shall seek the wonders of the world; each heartbeat pounding nails into breasts burdened with creativity.


Twilight offerings

wearing superficial masks and shanked sleeves

Plundering minds cascade down rupturing hills when, he first stood on the crisp green and sunk his feet deeper in the cerise sheets of yesteryear. And like the light of hour, she swung from clouds sewn in the blood of humankind. Shining and singing, chanting the instruments now dead to all those who once played them. 

Sep 30th


By Depth Writer

At every, hollow word time passes like bullets through tunnelling phases and descriptive images. Running for the dough, leaving lonely behind in second rate dives. The air crisp with edges frayed and torn, atmospheric revelations swinging from root to frothy, white darkness.


Sep 17th


By Ray Nichols


DNA strands tell the tale 

Who we are 

Where we come from 

Who we come from 

Forefathers and mothers 

Where they lived 

Who they were 

The stories locked away 

Waiting to be discovered 

The tales and legends 

We never knew existed 

In our genes

Calling out to us

Come see

Come see

Time travel  

Via family history



Sep 10th

Time Travel

By Arik Fletcher

The past is just behind us,
A shadow in our wake,
A chronicle of choices and decisions that we make.

The present is beside us,
Walking hand in hand,
Pondering as we do on all that we understand.

The future lies before us,
A glimmer in the dark,
A journey waiting just ahead on which we must embark.


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