Jul 8th

Enaid Cariadus

By Arik Fletcher

Love is far from magical,
A trick that can deceive,
But your love put a spell on me and helped me to believe.

Love is not a storybook,
There are no heroes here,
But your love saved me when we met and taught me not to fear.

Love is far from all we need,
It cannot save us all,
But your love is the only thing that keeps standing tall.

Love is not just beautiful,
It has a darker side,
But your love lights my life and always helps to turn the tide.

Love is far from perfect,
It will not solve poverty,
But your love makes me richer and is perfect just for me.

Love is not the answer,
There are puzzles far too great,
But your love is the answer to the search for my soul mate.


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