Jun 25th


By Arik Fletcher

Humanity is fractured,
Humanity is lost,
Humanity is all of us,
We all will pay the cost.

We're all a little different,
We're all a little weird,
We're all a little mixed up,
We're nothing to be feared.

There is no need for violence,
There is no need for hate,
There is no them or us now,
We all share the same fate.

The world, they say, is scary,
The world, they say, is scarred,
The world is out of order,
We've made it all too hard.

There is no true religion,
There is no higher law,
There is no cause for conflict,
We're human- nothing more.

This is our time to grow up,
This is our time to change,
This is our time to wake up,
We know it will be strange.

Let's put away our weapons,
Let's put to rest our fear,
Let's put the past behind us,
We'll not shed one more tear.

Jun 10th


By Arik Fletcher

Another step,
Another mile,
Another journey just begun.

Another day,
Another dawn,
Another race to catch the sun.

Another word,
Another smile,
Another chance to show we care.

Another hope,
Another dream,
Another destiny to share.


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