May 13th


By Arik Fletcher

I lay awake to meet the day,
Beyond the warmth of sleep's belay,
For I have demons yet to fight,
That dwell within the dark of night.

The moonlight brings me no relief,
As silence questions self belief,
For I have demons yet to face,
More deadly than the human race.

I stay awake to meet the dawn,
Where nightmares can no longer spawn,
For I have demons in my head,
That make their home beside my bed.

The dawn light slowly inches near,
At last to save me from my fear,
For I have demons in my heart,
Unable now to play their part.

I may awake to meet the sun,
Some day with all the fighting done,
For I have demons long deceased,
And none remain for then at least.

The new light will bring peace within,
A blessing to my worried kin,
For I have demons in my past,
And darkness cannot truly last.

May 10th

11th Hour

By Arik Fletcher

11 years ago today,

A husband travelled miles away,

A wife went on with one more day,

And no one thought much either way.


But on that day you changed the scene,

A mother started looking green,

A father rushed from where he’d been,

Though late you now seemed super keen.


11 years ago you see,

We never knew who you would be,

How you would change your mum and me,

Nor that we’d now be just us three.


For on that day when you were born,

The world we knew was ripped and torn,

And though we both were tired and worn,

A new life started that next morn.


11 years ago we knew,

That all we’d do was now for you,

To feed, and love, and keep you true,

To teach, and learn from all you do.


So from that day we made a vow,

And kept it from that day to now,

To show you when, and what, and how,

Your new world will and won’t allow.


11 years ago you came,

You changed the rules of every game,

So nothing could remain the same,

And all would soon know of your name.


Now from that day until this one,

You’ve grown and learned through pain and fun,

A journey barely just begun,

But we take pride in all you’ve done.


Happy Birthday, Evelyn!


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