Apr 27th


By Arik Fletcher

Today I look back on the years,
the canvas of my hopes and fears,
each stroke another memory,
that shaped who I have come to be.

With each new layer the image clears,
the final portrait ever nears,
the image of my inner self,
displayed for all upon life's shelf.

Through the years the colours change,
some bright strokes fade to dim the range,
but for each dark there is a light,
and in the end all will be right.

So now I'll go on with each day,
content that I will find my way,
in time to share this work of art,
the true reflection of my heart.

Apr 20th

Into The Softness

By Depth Writer

We're a species unpronounced

a needy being we are

to be so absorbed

within the hollow soil

neath our soles.

Swerving curves, tilting ruins

cast lusterous effort into the unknown

Resembling the opus

for all who see'th

doth fall within

Crusted ambiance has deflated

the insides nailed for the season

Lacking defendency of mature escapes

or finger-glasses with no seams to be sewn

Quite the route one should take when driven.





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