Mar 22nd


By Arik Fletcher

Sometimes we seek another way,
A fresh road we can walk,
A different self to be for once,
A new voice that could talk.

Sometimes we face another dawn,
A shade of nothing new,
A different day in nought but name,
A nightmare ever true.

Sometimes we glimpse another world,
A chance that never came,
A different self that could have been,
A life not spent the same.

Sometimes we crave another day,
A tick of time to spare,
A different moment from the rest,
A secret not to share.

Sometimes we catch another eye,
A star that might have shone,
A different self reflected there,
A fantasy long gone.

Sometimes we cast another spell,
A wish for days ahead,
A different outcome at the end,
A paradise instead.

Sometimes we grasp another dream,
A flame to light the dark,
A different self to live inside,
A flint to light our spark.

Sometimes we find another smile,
A grin for what we hold,
A different outlook on our lot,
A peace as we grow old.

Mar 22nd

The Night Was Poetry

By Tarringo Basile-Vaughan



The skyline recited a poem

           as through the life of the city

a rhythm of traffic sounds exhaled

            a freedom of innocence

free of crime –

                                for just that moment.


                     Time sighed


 and allowed the echoes


of poverty to become silent within the distance

where shouts of peace were heard. 


      There were no words, just the silhouettes

 of Chicagoans expressing

            the metaphors of language

through alliterated streets where strangers


became the voices of familiarity

inside one vision of hope


            and different faces

smiled as one society free of fear

and able to cope… together

within the urban challenges

of the city’s microscope. 


The night was simply poetry


and I was just a witness

            staring down from the highest level the Sears Tower


(on top of the world)…


            for just that moment


recognizing what the verses of unity

dream to be.


© 2015

Tarringo T. Basile-Vaughan

Mar 21st

The Black Lagoon Tour

By stormy dormire


The Black Lagoon Tour


The body in the pool floats into the blue light

It's the natural assumption it's lost its fight

With the creature from the black lagoon

But know it's in the water as a teacher

That not everything we see is as supposed


What lies beneath the blue lagoon

Is really an imitation shone in the spotlight

Placed in the grotto to create a sensation

Drawing a crowd to see the monster

And dare to dream to conquer the beast


Goosebumps will pimple , shivers ripple upon seeing

In the swimming pool the figures of man and beast

Luring, frightening, visions scaring each in turn

Nightmares that will enter their nighttime dreams

Paranormal memories unearthed in a portal of fright


Mortals are so susceptible to an allure of beyond

The spiel of the docent’s con, Let us be silent

that we may hear the whispers of the gods”

What message, the omen of the Gods you must fear

As they snare each into the magic of delusion


(clarice) 03/21/2016



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