Oct 25th

Zero Hour

By Arik Fletcher

The world has been infected,
and we are all to blame,
our silence a condition,
obedience our shame.

Our species is a parasite,
a plague upon these lands,
our greed and our ambition,
like blood upon our hands.

When all of this is over,
if we run out of time,
the future will not wait for us,
the past will be our crime.

The world is now neglected,
and we must face the flame,
inaction is our legacy,
complacency our game.

There has to be a reckoning,
there needs to be a change,
a time for something different,
the chance to rearrange.

If life is meant for all of us,
if hope still has a chance,
we have to break the pattern,
and learn a different dance.

The world can be corrected,
despite what some may claim,
we have to take this moment,
and never be the same.

Oct 18th

Homo Deus

By Arik Fletcher

We’re searching for a new life,

Hoping for a change,

Wishing for a miracle,

Feeling like we’re strange.


No matter how we may feel,

Or what may come our way,

We’ll keep on moving forward,

With each and every day.


We’re taking up the challenge,

Breaking every mould,

Keeping our momentum,

Striving to be bold.


No matter what we may see,

Or where the road may lead,

We’ll keep on making progress,

With every noble deed.


We’re building for the future,

Fighting for some peace,

Dreaming of a new dawn,

Desperate for release.


No matter where we end up,

Or how the world may end,

We’ll keep on getting better,

With each new twist and bend.


We’re standing at the impasse,

Waiting for our turn,

Planning for the new world,

Sharing all we learn.


No matter who we become,

Or when the day will be,

We’ll keep on making changes,

With every chance we see.

Oct 17th

Domus Tenebris

By Arik Fletcher

She stares out at the world through a constant flood of pain, 

to find nothing but darkness in the cold torrential rain, 

so caught up in the horrors manifested in her brain, 

she cannot see a future where she will be whole again.


She stares into the void within the shadows of her soul,

to find nothing but whispers of her fragile mind's control,

so lost within her dreams and broken memories of the past, 

regretting all those happy times she knew could never last.


She stares into the mirror to see what she has become,

to find nothing but hollow eyes and pain so cumbersome,

so damaged by the history of all she's left behind,

her will to stay eroding with the decay of her mind.


She stares into the black of night embracing her torn heart,

to find nothing but sorrow as she readies to depart,

so weakened now she must escape from what she'll never be,

forgotten and forsaken in her lonely destiny.

Oct 13th


By Arik Fletcher

I am me,
A force unknown,
A weapon forged or rather grown.

I am me,
A unique soul,
Not perfect but still in control.

I am me,
A different beast,
A complete person now at least.

Oct 12th


By Arik Fletcher

We smile to show a feeling,

We smile to be content,

We smile with no believing,

We smile to hide dissent.


We work to make a living,

We work to have a life,

We work with no exempting,

We work to hide our strife.


We sleep to start the healing,

We sleep to end the day,

We sleep with no forgiving,

We sleep to hide dismay.


We dream to search for meaning,

We dream to find an end,

We dream with no deceiving,

We dream to help us mend.


We wake to set a new course,

We wake to a fresh start,

We wake with no more remorse,

We wake to a cleansed heart.

Oct 11th

Extant Terrestrial

By Arik Fletcher

We stare into the mirror for minutes at a time,
Forever taking selfies like photos of a crime,
But are we narcissistic or reflecting on the past?
Lost in our perceived beauty or the shadows that we’ve cast?

We chronicle our lives online each minute of each day,
Forever sharing memories in everything we say,
But are we self-obsessing or proving we were here?
Slaves to boasts and bragging or running from our fear?

We hoard and gather artefacts and show them off with pride,
Forever needing more space so that nothing has to hide,
But are we materialistic or expressing who we are?
Desperate for attention or just covering a scar?

Oct 10th


By Arik Fletcher

The heart is very fragile,
In many different ways,
Forever taking damage,
As we go through our days.

The heart has no religion;
Nor an ideology,
It has no moral compass,
Just a need for empathy.

The heart is very special,
A treasure to behold,
A gift we share with caution,
A risk saved for the bold.

The heart may be a riddle,
Wrapped in a mystery,
A puzzle too complex to solve,
Unless you hold the key.

Oct 7th

Tabula Rasa

By Arik Fletcher

Those precious little moments,

Where hearts like ours could mend,

When love was all we lived for,

And dreams could never end.


Each precious little moment,

The hopes we held inside,

The good and bad encountered,

All taken in our stride.


Those precious little moments,

When we walked hand in hand,

No longer to be shared by us,

Despite all that we’d planned.


Each precious little moment,

Wrapped in each others arms,

A safely now long gone to me,

Sat here lost in my qualms.


Those precious little moments,

Where love still found a way,

Shared by our souls forever,

No matter what we say.


Each precious little moment,

We never should regret,

The time we had was special,

I will not soon forget.


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