Aug 29th


By jeremiah crane
Slide into the shades of hate
this world of rabid violence we create
waves of greed power crashing upon the floors of legislate...
How one stands the crushing grasp of hypocracy
I shall likely never know
as columns of men feed the fires below
watching even the strongest of souls collapse
ethics, honor just words few seem to investigate..
No cure for this spreading affliction can i offer
the flow only widens the canyon
still men scurry behind a lies frail protection...
These shades offer no peace for most men
scarring the mind with the truth
so blatently open with its disguise
the hope of peace can sometimes only be seenas you close your eyes...Paradox 
Apr 7th

Editorial discussin topic.

By M. A. aka Emma Boissat
In May 1992 a 14 year old eight grader walked into a science lab at Silverado Middle school in Napa,California, shouted, "I'm a New Jack City hustler," opened fire with his father's .357 revolver, and wounded two students.
For several days,the eight grader had made threats to kill a teacher and kids he felt were bullying him. Because he was considered "too nerdy," no one figured he would carry out the threats. Although the movie New Jack City is about black gang warfare, there was no indication that the shooting was motivated by gang or race. The shooter and his two victims were all white.
The shootings of the elementary students at Sandy Hook was done by a very disturbed young adult. The Fort Hood Victims were shot down  by a radical. We suffered through the Columbine massacre.

With over two hundred million guns in private hands, it is very easy in this nation for emotionally disturbed kids to get guns. Shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook elementary School are often triggered when disturbed boys are exposed to movies with violence, video games with violencc. Mentally disturbed children are easily influenced by repetitive audience of such.

When the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1791, most Americans lived on farms, not cities. And they didn't have movies which glorified violence in 1791. Have high tech guns and movie special effects glorifying violence created a dangerous cultural lag?

Most Americans feel they need guns to protect themselves from an ooppressive government. These Americans feel that ordinary citizens can be trusted to use their weapons for perfectly legitimate reasons. Gun laws should be used to protect the law abiding citizins. Should the states pass laws which ban gun ownership for any citizen who poses a threat to public safety? Why not have the federal and state laws which single out our most dangerous citizens, and ban them from owning or possessing guns? And what about the Brady Bill passed by Congress in 1993? Has this federal law helped in the fight against gun-related crimes?

Mari Ana
April 07,2013 
Sep 23rd

Voting Booth Tears

By Randy Hall
Voting Booth Tears
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

Is it just me?
But every election seems to get worse.
Where has the freedom gone in America?
When did we surrender our responsibility?
We are free to choose any letter in the Alphabet,
except for cdefghijlkmnopqurstuvwxy or z.

A & B demonize each other so badly,
that I’m driven to vote against rather than for.
In every election, I’ve turned the other cheek,
and have been slapped down, how many times.
There are rules you see… so many rules.

The rules say that I must choose my master.
Which one will beat me the least?
And this is my criteria to choose?
No matter how much I cry, NO!
I have already lost.
Sep 3rd

Tyrants One and All

By Randy Hall
Tyrants One and All
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

"Make Love, Not War!"
Dribbled off the lips
of many would be tyrants.
It was deciphered in the 70's,
as "Screw You, Not Me!"

The uniform of individualism,
danced the krystallnacht dreams,
of socialist hope, branded capitalist,
worn by the goose stepping youth,
in bleached, patched, bell bottom blues.

"Sex, drugs and rock'n roll."
A weapon of mass dissension,
the fog of war, one joint at a time,
gone up in smoke, like… reality.
Clarity is a personal pillow.

Nature abhors peace,
and is almost as good as mankind,
in mastering self-deception.
If only nature could love,
war wouldn't be necessary.

But that is humanities battle ground,
natures scourge of pleasure and pain.
"What's in it for me?"
The most deadly of questions,
hidden behind the lines of friendly fire.

What is there to do but laugh and play,
to sally forth and do battle with life.
To find peace concealed in strife,
to make war and love…
Tyrants one and all.
Aug 25th

Barking and Biting on Sesame Street

By Randy Hall
Barking and Biting on Sesame Street
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

The Congress shall have power
to lay and collect taxes on incomes,
from whatever source derived,
without apportionment among the several states,
and without regard to any census or enumeration.

We've come a long way from the tea party baby,
from the poetry of the Declaration of Independence.
From the high ideal of individual liberty,
to the terror on the commons.

The Congress shall have power…
and the people will just have to muddle through.
A decision must be made of which axe to grind,
this one or that one, to dangle over our necks.

Sweet 16, the amendment of true power,
the enslavement of greatness began.
*One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,

The United States Constitution,
We the People, that embody the cause,
have given up our power long ago,
and now succumb to our masters.

Slavery becomes our patriotic chains,
and our benevolent masters love us so.
We are but pretenders to the throne,
kings of a mortgaged castle on the hill.

And we vie for alliance with lesser devils,
princes of the elitist barony, the dogs of war.
We look to them for help, to oppress our foes,
and become loyal lap dogs of our own folly.

The question arises from the solemn soul.
What leash is this, by what hand is it lead,
What fool am I to bite the hand that feeds,
is it rabid, and if I do, will I be put down.

One of us is an ungrateful beast,
only one of us can make that determination,
*One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong.

* See Sesame Street
Aug 21st


By Randy Hall
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

It was an epic battle of lawyers and poets,
words were hurled explosively upon the stage,
the collateral damage was semantic revolution.
Graffiti confused the walls of Babylon.

A defining moment of clarity came and passed,
a wind swept leaf born on the tree of knowledge,
it swirled in the chaos of the maple and oak,
ignored as one of the many indelicate few.

The audience only wanted to get on with their lives,
but the poets insisted on bandoleers and muddy boots.
The lawyers resisted with writs of paper tigers,
they would growl habeas corpus and frown.

The numbers would lie, the passionate minority,
would overstate their intent to kill, until someone died.
History will never divulge the truth lost to delusion,
whether it be poet or lawyer who fired the first shot.

But the blood filled volumes of poetry, laws and graves.
It was a civilized act of war, a defining moment of chaos,
yes and no colorfully debated by action of arms.
Revolving around an epic battle of lawyers and poets.

It has been said, "All is fair in love and war."
What of the poets? The dreamers of peace…
The paradoxical paradigm of who first said;
"First we shoot the lawyers."
Aug 19th


By Randy Hall
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

STOP! The presses!
The poetic language of politics,
the metaphors of devils stirring the pot.

It's a heady brew,
a cannibalized stew of extremist lies.
Seasoned with envy, hatred and greed.

What truth there is,
a drama upon the apocalyptic stage,
a fiction that portends to be all too real.

We are to believe,
in the sins of our fathers justifications,
bare foot and matronly in our assent.

Passionately meek,
abused children of the nanny state,
taking the bitter medicine of austerity.

By what right,
are we to assume your debts,
your frivolous dreams of justice.

My family, my tribe,
cursed beneath the voting feet,
of stampeding ne'er do wells.

Civilization de-civilized,
by the forced altruism
of what's in it for me.

The bureaucratic noose,
where we most assuredly,
must all hang together.

Oh what choice of devils,
we sing in heavenly chorus,
for a blindfold and a cigarette.

Never mind… Press on!
The maggots broil in open minds,
very soon, the flies come out to play.
Aug 14th

At What Cost

By Randy Hall
At What Cost
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

Let me put it to you this way,
"All I need is a little help from my friends."
Is a temporary fix based on trust,
it's not a crutch for life support.

"Ass, grass or gas nobody rides for free."
The rewards for my ambition,
is not manna from heaven
but blood, sweat and tears.

What makes you think I owe you a high,
is it brotherly love, compassion for the poor.
Perhaps you're something special…
but what exactly did you do for me.

What part of "Roll your own".
Do you not understand.
That you can't bogart what is yours,
that a pass is a voluntary share.

So you want, so you DEMAND,
a part of me, what part… my love.
That which I bear to criticism,
that fails all expectations.

Who will love me, you…
No, you expect too much,
and I am the greedy one,
I am over exposed.

I am callused by the sun,
by the torn flesh of thorns.
And you coo in my ear,
"What about me."

That's a good question,
and questions are free.
But the answers, well now,
the answers are gonna cost ya.
Jul 26th

Libertarian Lament

By Randy Hall
Libertarian Lament
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

Of all the hateful things to say,
the most popular seems to be political.
To deny your opponent any compassion,
to drag them through the mud of life.

My fellow American, my enemy…
I love you, you know, but you don't…
You don't know that I care enough,
not to demean you, so I lose.

The winners are the best at slander,
the best at tweaking perception.
The best at fearful persuasion,
the best at hateful things to say.

All of our cynicism betrays us,
our doubts of good intentions.
We cannot debate civilly the truth,
because the lies are more important.

And so my enemy, my neighbor, my friend,
drag me through the mud and cover me in tar.
I love you enough to bear it and slink away,
while you carry on with hateful things to say.
Jul 22nd

The Last Cowboy

By Randy Hall
The Last Cowboy
by MrDaMan
Virgil R. Hall II (Randy)

That's right I'm an American,
a rootin tootin, six gun shootin cowboy.
I got the Wild West flowing through my veins,
like rivers crashing down mountains and ambling to the sea.

Yup… I'm a big sky kinda guy,
where anything goes, if you can dream it.
I'm aggressive, I'm arrogant and I get things done,
lead, follow or get out of the way… Im'a comin through.

Don't need, don't want, your condescending Eastern ways,
your kings and queens of class and indentured servitude.
Your high and mighty rules of the hangmans noose,
your leash on the mass's of indentured servitude.

Your soul crushing wheel of civilization,
where equality tramples liberty with a mob.
All of your stampeding sheep lead by fear,
dependent upon your malevolent hand of grace.

And you wonder why I don't give up my guns.
You pushed my grandfathers across the seas,
across the Appalachia's, across the prairies,
my father across the Rockies
and now my backs up against the Pacific.

I will not be tamed, I will not be bullied,
and I wonder why I hesitate to pull the trigger.
I'll tell you why, it's because I'm the good guy,
it's high noon and I'm waiting on you to draw.


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