May 15th

Publishing Tips - You Can Do It, Too!

By Cronin Detzz

I did it and you can, too!  THANK YOU, poet friends, for your continual encouragement.  I published my first poetry book on Amazon:  “Poetry for Our Time.”  What an amazing feeling, to finally have the book in my hands. 

Below are some questions that I have received regarding publishing poetry:


QUESTION:  “Cronin, why did you sort your poems into these 5 chapters?” 

REPLY:  Sorting hundreds of poems into is not an easy task, but one that does seem worthwhile.  I’ve read anthologies and have been disappointed by lack of structure and framework.  Consider categorizing your poems into some type of chapters.  The poems in my book, “Poetry for Our Time,” were sorted into the following five categories:

1.      The World Today – war, politics, religion, pop culture

2.      Going Off The Grid – escaping into nature, technodespair

3.      Our Families – estrangement from family, bonds with parents, siblings, and children

4.      Modern Death – agnosticism versus mysticism

5.      Modern Love – a poet’s bread and butter!


QUESTION:  “How much did it cost?”

REPLY:  I used Amazon’s self-publishing tool, called Create Space.  The only fees that I paid were for shipping proofs.  Writers should order proofs, which are essentially previews of your book, after each editing update.  Editing takes a lot of work, so be prepared to clear your calendar and set some goals for yourself.  There are margins to consider, spell-checking concerns, artwork to view, and so forth.  Amazon does offer prepaid artwork and marketing services; however, I did not utilize them.  I did read through their member resource blog pages.  Research is vital to any writing project.


QUESTION:  “You stated that research is vital.  Specifically, what steps did you take?”

REPLY:  After speaking with some friends, I came into contact with someone who had just written a successful book.  I grilled him on his strategies, and he recommended Amazon, blogging, and setting goals.  His first question was: “Cronin, what do you hope to accomplish by publishing this book?”  The answer was clear:  to make my family proud of me.  There are several writers in my family, and they supported my goals.  Other research included reading hundreds of pages online and reading the “For Dummies” books.


You can easily find my book by going to Amazon and searching for “Cronin Detzz.”  You can also read the intro, view the critiques on the back cover, and read a few pages of my book by clicking “look inside.”  Additionally, you can also preview my book by visiting:

Keep writing and keep sharing!


Apr 8th

You did

By Streetside Poet

It was a bright light on a cold night.

It's been so long since I felt so wrong.

I thought I thought I was a messenger,

but I couldn't think of anything meaningful to say.

I thought i could just be a great listener but i didn't get any mail today.

You can grow up to be anything so I wanted to be a feather

on an Angel's wing.

You can pretend to have a sense of humor

but it's gonna hurt.

You can try to forget what the book said

but there will always be an insert.

You can try to be a sailor but you'll always miss the shore.

You can like things a little but others a little more.

You can be happy for others but 

you'll wish it was you.

Sometimes you say never to the things that you do.

You can pretend you have an open mind but 

there will always be a lid.

You can say you didn't but we all know that you did.

Feb 10th

An Interview with Papa Spyk -

By Depth Writer



PIXX (448).JPG

  Born in Belgium on the 28th of June 1963 and grew up in Belgium, South Africa, Canada, Florida, Chile and I am now living in Kent, England. 


  He played professional Rugby in South Africa, for most of his adult life and after retiring, was offered a lucrative modeling contract; which took him all over the world. He did not stop there, as he also acted in movies such as; American Ninja, and Red Scorpion, and did stunt work for the next ten-years.


   During the course, of the ten-years he  moved to Santiago, Chile signing up with a top modeling agency and started modeling in South America and then obtaining a role on a TV show as the bad guy of course, and here he met the lead actress, fell in love and got married. 

  His life seemed to be going well until, .... Three-months of beauty, and love surrounded his circle of life- everything began to flash before his eyes...

Papa Spyk speaks...

  "It felt like someone had just stabbed me through the heart", on July 13th 1997. I was cooking dinner in our house, when all of a sudden; it felt as if someone had just stabbed me through the heart with a huge knife. I had never felt such pain before and collapsed on the kitchen floor. I called for my wife who came running into the kitchen and I told her to call an ambulance as I thought I was having a heart attack. She thought I was kidding and went back to bed.

  Three hours later she woke up, panicking because I was not in bed next to her, and ran into the kitchen and found me ice cold with no pulse on the floor, she thought I was dead. She finally called the police saying “My husband has just died on my kitchen floor”. They came with an ambulance and they rushed me to hospital. At the hospital they discovered that I had had a severe heart attack and rushed me into surgery. They saw that my aorta had exploded in half and had split from my heart all the way down to my legs. The Doctors told my Parents that they had to amputate both my legs because they had died due to the loss of blood flow to them.  PIXX (202).JPG 

   The reason that all this happened to me, was that I used steroids throughout my rugby career and it caused my blood pressure to go through the roof until my heart basically exploded. The steroids along with the recreational drugs such as cocaine, used in the entertainment industry caused a lethal cocktail, hence my heart attack. "The doctors told my parents if I ever exercised again I could die on the spot". When they said they wanted to amputate my legs, my dad responded by saying, “If you do that you might as well pull the plug!”, as I had been a pro-athlete my entire life and would not cope with losing my legs; which was so very true.

  Every organ in my body had apparently. Me, in a coma I was in a coma for a month and twice the doctors told my wife, parents and sister to say goodbye to me because in less than ten minutes I would be dead. They called in a priest. Can you imagine what my mother went through? Somehow by some miracle I survived.

  I personally think that I survived because I was so fit and strong before having the heart attack. I also think, God had other plans for me and for that you will have to wait and find out what they are . . . Coming out of my coma the first thing I remember was seeing my Father holding my hand with tears in his eyes, and I asked him why are you crying to which he replied “we thought we had lost you”. I had never seen my father cry, then I asked where my wife was and he said “she’s gone, we got a knock on our hotel door, opened the door and there was no-one there just a bag and a note saying don’t ever try and contact me again”. 

bb 011.JPG

  "It took me two and a half years of the most painful therapy to learn to walk again". 

  My parents organized a physiotherapist that would help me achieve this goal. It took me two and a half years of 4 hours a day of the most painful therapy you can imagine, to learn to walk again, but I did it. 

  Eight years on, I met a girl on an internet dating site; she fell pregnant, we got married and I am now an extremely proud father of the most beautiful baby girl, called ‘Angelyna’ my very own little Angel.

  "Until, I held my own flesh and blood in my hands I had never really lived" 

  For me this was a true miracle as I had been told that I would find it very difficult to father a child, due to the entire trauma I had gone through. 

  I had always thought that I had done everything in life, but until I held my own flesh and blood in my hands, I had never really lived, but now I felt truly alive.

PIXX (377).JPG

  In May 2009 my Aorta split in half again and I had to have open heart surgery again; 13hrs worth.
I underwent another major heart operation where they replaced my entire aorta 3ft worth and was told I’d have 1 in 10 chance of surviving the operation.
Doctors have said though that if I come out of this operation alive I will be stronger than ever and will basically be bionic, well as far as my heart is concerned, and my heart will be indestructible, so that is all good news.

"I live in faith that all will be ok and I’ll be able to live a normal life again soon."

"If I can make a difference to one person’s life, I will be one happy man."

  The moral of the story is... I never ever did anything in my past out of malice to anyone or anything, but I have been extremely irresponsible and reckless to myself. I loved living on the edge. 
My heart and intentions had always been good. As my closest friend says “if you have a good heart, it all works out for the best”, though it may take a while. Having been so close to death has made me so aware of everything around me. I appreciate all of this and I will never as long as I live, take anything or anyone for granted. Its amazing how people take such things as walking for granted, and for me almost having both my legs amputated, made me realize this. There obviously is a God, looking out for us. When you come from a good family, like I do you can be the baddest guy in town, do the craziest, stupidest, most dangerous things and still come out smiling. I feel this will make a very inspiring story and hopefully help many who have given up on life and if I can make a difference to one person’s life, I will be one happy man.                                 IMG_0265.JPG 

More of Papa Spyk...

  We hear of ''miracles'', and answers from God all the time, but to actually, meet up with said- gifts, and miracles is a blessing! If not for his strength, stamina, determination, and drive... he would not be here today. 

  We have many things to look forward too; growing old, becoming wiser, and to experience life to its fullest. He has also, been contacted by Hollywood to turn his book, "A Naughty Thing Called Life'', into a movie. Should we also assume, that perhaps, he will play a leading roll in his own movie? I guess no one will know until that time arises...

  To contact him: FaceBook  Buy Book Buy Book UK Fan Page

  On-Air Interview w/ Blog Talk Radio Twitter 

  Articles of Interest: Hollywood Stunt Man

  Check out this video:::



  He has had quite a following; from fans to believers "in miracles", tipping the scale of life to over 55,000 views...


by Depth Writer/ Karen Dewitt

23:32 p.m./ Fri. Feb. 1o, 2o12

Jan 29th

On Air Live Interview: Re; Eyes Behind the Clouds

By Depth Writer

If you would like to listen to it, and hear me... there is only a few who have heard me speak...



Sep 1st

A Cup of Cold Tea

By Streetside Poet

Click, Sipping cautiously silent.

Two lover's collision in tempered jasmine.

A blooming tree forgotten in bored velocity.

A moment in yours.

Sweet lips blossom of tasted fingertips.

Treadless fingers horizon a sea of ember.

Mindful eyes searching for dreams.

Leaf trembling in wind of exhale. 

Moment aching in welcome.

A muffled pace in stutter.

Beads rain upon battled sheet.

Empty thoughts of mindless tranquility.

"         " in exuberance. 

Nov 25th

Beyond Rainbows & Yellow Brick Roads

By Tarringo Basile-Vaughan

"When People Care For You And Cry For You"


"When People Care For You And Cry For You, they can Straighten Out Your Soul" ~ Langston Hughes

I Want To Thank My Soul Sister Mikki Williams For Sharing In The Official Release Of "Beyone Rainbows & Yellow Brick Roads" and Everyone who have listened and supported me over the years.  You all have helped in my growth more than you know...even the critics and those who refuse to like me.

You can order a signed copy of "Beyond Rainbows & Yellow Brick Roads" for a special price of $12.99 @

Tell em FCN sent you!


My special challenge to you is to use the Quote by Langston Hughes as a prompt.


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