Jun 28th


By Depth Writer



The air smelt of stale urine, though it blew

Seashells bare formed a forest in middle dew

Well hairs deep standing with the watery openess, lay in substance.

Trees stare into tails of burrowing calves

Telling a saga yet to happen, a mess slithered through the tangling vines.




Jun 28th


By Depth Writer



A genocide had came and gone; leaving nothing to trace, only remnants of  brick-red chalk lines where bodies were laid to rest upong, their deaths.

And the moon and soil coinciding with the riches of palaces and paradise, - heaving large boulders in air chariots above captivies realm. Last breadths.



Jun 28th


By Depth Writer



Dark, narrow hallway

Despair writ in lipstick on the mirrored wall

A squeeking chair rocked back into another time

Souless as it cried through the wind of change.

Jun 28th


By Depth Writer

Gentle sands laid across empty brows

As high, as one could imagine, there it lie ever-more

In suclusion, isolated from mortality and its bed of despair

On peeks where crows nest in wait, on sugary-white shores

no one dare step beyond their limits, for they, the people did care.


Slithering plateau blown by existence came to greet and meet

Hilltop hostiles covered in cerise and auburn hues resting on captivity

swearing to never return to such conditions. Yet, they did, for their bodies were sprawled out in lines of five on the empty embankments.




Jun 27th

Hot fingers

By Depth Writer

O'er dem dare hills, I saw with my own, a man the size of da Liberty scoot and go da running away from dem shop-keepers. Funny if, I think back, watching dust fly up in dose damn hill crowns, a mismatched and dose glasses smashed to pieces. I waited til he left the scene and gained me da glasses he tossed and that dare hat, he dint know he lost. Went back to da shack and hung da hat and put da glasses in my draw. 


Jun 26th

They Said

By Depth Writer

Bark skin lies at the foot of a urn.

Laying ever-more, still as an Autumn breeze.

It had been there for eons wasting away- on the side table of your chest.

A sweating glass of rum also resides on the chestnut wood. Rings where it had been moved each century.

In the sill, a heart still beating looks through impregnated eyes, the pane dewy with his tears...

Burned at the stake of Televee... resting intently...

The bay tower gleaming at the hope of a ship, but the water reaks of wrecks and hidden legends just the same.


Jun 24th

Soft Shades

By Depth Writer



Waves dance

Splashing to shore

Tiny ballerina forms


They quiver

Watching as the beach quivers

Salty wings 

Air spread over their bodies

Carefree, ever-more

Seashells prance in and out


Whispering voices sing

Comforming to the life

They've always dream't of



Jun 24th


By Depth Writer

 Our media is brainwashing the immediate public, who listens and watches intently, for 'news' of daily coded curtains. For those auspicious key words and language not always mentioned. Like a crossword where words are clues and you must solve the status of 'majority', in order, to difuse what they, 'elites' are trying to convey.

 It takes a trained ear, eye and mind, to determine what is really being said. There will be individuals, who will argue your interpretation of the evidence presented before, you and your peers, but the physical artifacts stare you straight in the face. 

 People will say you are crazy, laugh and ignore what you speak of. All the red flags and signs will be pushed under their feet. Where they will stamp and trudge upon.


Jun 23rd


By Depth Writer

Wings of a bird rumble through timid sky

Swings tossed in rings before, my very eyes.

Things obstructed in viewing places as you ask why.



Jun 23rd

Air Travel

By Depth Writer

The air moves with ease

snapping rotten limbs to the side of oblivion

Verboten to feel the ache in its joints

Complexed and misunderstood opinions

People assuming that thinking outloud could make you a bigot or even, a racist- because, they, themselves do not quite understand the writ wording.

They banish you from their lives and exit out the door that kicks them in the ass.

Such creatures they apparently are...

To say they know you and not know you at all.

Therefore, they would rather string you up and persecute you - because their beliefs aren't the same as you. Because, they do not see what you have writ to actually mean something.

Then, when they've time to think outloud, they try and add you back into the chain, but again our defended when you are not amused by their recourse.

Fools, fools who flock together never move. Statues evaporating during a dust storm.


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