Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Bourbon floats on the rim of a shot glass

colored lava soothing as it runs down funneled throat

Achromic odor flutters in liquid numbness, the old man

captures an anemia thought.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Bell wires blossom across the city,
 their belts coincide with irregular harmony,
as the people group in threes
waiting to hear its show begin.
Braces black with a tint of the sun's
braided spikes radiate over the rooves of unsuspected currents.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Argent focuses on its stem

Arms of length feel its touch, the azure brightens, as it begins its bend into the unknown. Billets condemn thorns of itch and thirst, bleeding of tongueless empathy.

Shiny chains and chaplet dine on past meals, banishing the mark of beastly ego, pretending it is not there. Bare crimsons gallop on bareback dreams. Like wild animal pulling, destroying the surroundings of symphony.

Chevron faces stare blankly into darkened coral engimas, and cross the eyes of its blind, feeling its way through death's threshold. Dressed in falcon wing feathers, and disposed hemisphere.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer


With this cloth, we hurry to hang the opus on drapery first birthed from the lace of silky dreams, and open thy mind to the textile of feeling.


Feel its texture robe itself around your chested vessel, with tissue tightening, weaving fate inside the pores of flesh. Kneeling to the web beneath the soil, 

asbestos beauty hurling toward the border. A canvas blank.


Fingers clawing at the sun in the sky, coulisse warped hands show age and miles traveled. 'fore-and-aft-sail, we glide on wings of fir trees, leeches in the pigments of our skin, begging to be taken away, but you say hell no, for there is no room.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Abide thy neighbor


For the air is smooth with ambiance 

and appears to the dweller of sight,

 to be calm with those of appreciation. 

Apprehend the artifact for those not yet

 to see its value.


An art to be painted, absorbed, to assume

the fickle heart, the heavy weight of a world

'Be conscious of', subjected judgments and

its spleen torn from the edges, losing empathy.

 bear the bleed for it is believing.

Feb 2nd

The Gun

By Depth Writer

Death Valley strikes like a lightning bolt out of control


An ablation of sins shooting across your eyes of hazel clouds


Back in the forest of a brighter moon, the people rummage the land, seeking more than they deserve.


No more is there a balance, barren is thy thought, as you thrive to speak of the 'be gone era' and those consumed by a relic gun.


Bones lay scattered, blue ruins unload, blotting out the dark harness trying to tear us apart.

Feb 2nd

Mercy O' Me

By Depth Writer

Mercy o' me


Fallen being with timid timepiece


Drowning in a sea of black liquid


Hell's flames quick to reassemble


the potent potion of harmful words.


Quickly, they are drawn, swords from chariots fire


wicks in a box of dreams, sullen, saddened faces


commence in half- empty ships, sun up, running


free, wild savages break me in two, torn beauty


Tears spew from the chivalry, the dark eyes drowning


deep into the shades of sky, the birth of hatred spilling


from waterfall cheeks, and leaves its grave of death.

Feb 2nd

An Illusion

By Depth Writer

Imperfect images


falling to the ground below your feet


Fire spitting from cognitive nous


opus in palm bleeding...


Hunkered humans adrift


covered in a cerise sheet


Bloody puddles forming spiritual


a headway, headlights screaming...

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Allergic thoughts stream through attuned apologies; frictionless fingertips expel the chaotic empathic brows of History. Dreams fade in and out of butterfly wings of gray ash. With an abundance of billowing pink, boring blank pages into the distant aura. 


Concrete memories surround acres of black attitudes and today, we speak two-fold sapphire remedies. Sought in sullen blue skies, the roadside mimicking long, lost thought, and sometimes, I stand within the breathless wind speaking your favorite song.

Dec 22nd


By Depth Writer



 Tender, untamed kisses escaped wild lips, of impregnated thoughts and hourglass shaped fingertips.


Wintery blankets draped over the bodies of dead carcus and the bones quickly turning to dust,blowing afar and ago---


Battles breaking the silence of muted breaths

Bloody remains eroding under the skin of flaking hills and the chuckles of evil men.


Shirts strung to a twig--- s.o.s.

Poor souls left behind the scenes of erogance

and the trousers of penniless pockets tied to the ledge of doom.


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