Sep 25th


By Dori Wheeler


Mosaic quilts cloak the trees
Weeks before the winter freeze
Dappled hues of garnet and gold
Majestic season, bright and bold
Grab your besom, clear your space
Rid the evil, not a trace
Cast the circle, call the quarters
Sabot for sons and daughters
God and Goddess we implore
Too eminent to ignore
Dance and chant 'round the fire
Bidding for our desire
Merriment beneath the moon
Magic raised 'til we swoon
Invigorating is the air
Ground the power with great care
This our favored time of year
The veil ethereal, the lift is near
Ancestors free to come and go
Oh, how we love it so...


Jan 2nd


By Dori Wheeler

As the last grains of sand flow
Through the annual hour glass,
I reflect upon those I've adored
 And those I have lost
 No regrets, no mistakes
Only lessons learned
 I have erred as all do
My flaws are many
Keeping them in check
 A daily resolve...
 As I rest my head
 Upon the downy pillow,
Pondering the day,
Did I do my best,
 Or, let it slip away?
Make changes where available?
 Try to make a difference,
One granule at a time?
And when the opportunity
Arrives to bequeath,
For the dawn of a new year,
 Love more, hate less
Take no hostages
Strive to be a better human being...


Oct 26th


By Dori Wheeler


You have now taken your last first kiss
The beginning of forever bliss
Your story of "Once Upon a Time"
A fairy-tale ending quite sublime
When times get tough, remember your vows
Enjoy each breath that moments allow
Life is a journey, it's not a race
End each night with a loving embrace
So many lessons along the way
When times are tough, remember to pray
Beautiful couple, beacon of light
In your darkest times, shine real bright
You're both examples of needed hope
The words you scribe help others cope
Such influence you've had over me
My words fumble though I feel strongly
No matter what, end each with love
Never fail to thank heaven above
Always be grateful, do not remiss
And you'll live in forever bliss...


Sep 28th


By Dori Wheeler
creatures of the wood.jpg


Deep in the forest, no one near
Critters come around just to hear
A wily coyote play his fiddle
Drawing them in, big and little
A red squirrel listens quite content
As if the melody's heaven sent
Flowers and trees lean to listen
Eyes well up and start to glisten
Listen closely, you may hear his song
If that's the case, you truly belong
Please don't encroach upon his land
That's what happened to his remaining band...

Aug 14th

Zombie Quaintrelle

By Sonnet Diva

From graveyard zombie did arise

He’s hungry now it’s no surprise

Ebony night , zombie delight

From food he can’t abstain

He’s a minion of the undead

When sighting one you do feel dread

He has been trained, to eat your brains

Eating you causes pain

Aug 11th

Surfing Quaintrelle

By Sonnet Diva

She rides the waves on dragonflies

Her spirit soaring to the skies

The ride so sweet, her thoughts complete

Riding during full moon

To surf she finds tranquility

Released responsibility

Waves crash about her soon

This form was created by my friend Mercury Rising The poem is mine
Aug 10th

Imaginary Friend

By Sonnet Diva

Dear friend,

          We sit together as we write at times you're quite absurd.It’s like someone does charge you up and then you scream we write. I see you as the pink energizer bunny. The words come tumbling out so fast my fingers can’t keep up .With metaphors, alliteration , rhyme and form all these things you fling about like a sailor on shore leave.My Muse at times you do demand and won’t rest till you’re heard.Often more than just one write I think this is our third.Impatiently careen about while searching for the words. I try my best to keep up with you but it’s true I do need sleep. While I try to rest through poetry halls you creep. The dictionary’s your best friend, it’s pages are dog eared.Excitable you are so young my inner child comes to life. Demanding wench I’m stuck with you, my term it is for life.Your antics sometimes drive me wild, but where would I be without you.So my Muse come take your bow, for recognition true. You are my best imaginary friend

                        Sonnet Diva 

Aug 9th

To My Hawaiian Doppleganger

By Sonnet Diva

To My Hawaiian Doppleganger

I veered to the left while you went right

A less travelled road you preferred

I married him and became a wife

I was in love my heart concurred

My doppleganger lived a simpler life

You stayed in Hawaii and danced all night

After a few years became a mother had a child 

That part of me , misses you still

Last I heard you were still running wild

You’re living in Hawaii full of goodwill

I’m facing challenges everyday

Experiences  and life has made me

One of  us works while the other plays

You’ve no responsibilities you’re free

Such different lives we have lived, 

yet I wouldn’t trade

My husband, son, and grandchild 

enriched the life I made

A part of me entwined with you, 

Yet I was brave and saw it through

Aug 7th

Simply Being

By Sonnet Diva
Simply Being I can't Escape

To smile,write, dance and simply be

warm sunlight while in my gardens

brings me a smile of metaphors

alliteration and free verse


Inherent freedom of thought, form

magic to rhyme or not to rhyme

Plethora of poetry forms

Finally the muse will choose one

Inspiration and words tumble


So true I have the drive to write

Sharing the beauty that I see

Either in form or in free verse

Observing things poetic soul


For inspiration does take shape

While simply being can’t escape

Aug 4th

Poetic Metamorphosis

By Sonnet Diva

Poetic Metamorphosis

can be around the bend

The fluttering of butterfly

with freedom that it sends

Emerge from deep poetic sleep

words tumble all about

Visions and promises we keep

wait for our wings to sprout

To find the strength soar through the sky

its beauty we will find

while encouraging us to try

fluttering wings combine

Like butterfly in life we change

through cycles do we grow

Experiences might seems strange

yet help us find our glow

When all at once our words do fly

our happiness depends


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