Apr 27th

Arsenic - (Vol 19, Cut 4)

By Robert Millikin
(Vol 19 - Pins & Needles)

Everyone’s a critic

The believer and the cynic

Getting older every minute

Struggling to stay positive, stick with it

So easy just to quit

Give up, not give a shit

Lay down in the road and die!

Done with the world

If my dream is a lie


Destiny keeps drunk dialing me with collect calls

Fate wants to dictate my fortunes and my fall

Is it too late to escape, to forestall

To get away from it all?


Dropping dead

At the drop of a hat

Dropped in my lap

A drop in the bucket

Dropped in my tracks

But rising above it


A lick, a nick, a prick of the arsenic

And I’m bleeding from every pore

Critics and cynics toxic to my core

The poison chalice passed unto me

Never drains, it only pours


I’d rather lie down and die

Before I consent to a life of regret

I’d rather die for a lie

Before I accept my fate has been set

I’d rather curse, swear and shake my fist at the sky

Even plan out my own suicide

Before I’d swallow my pride and refuse to even try


Kismet doesn’t visit and karma won’t return my calls

Providence paints a picture, renders my resolve small

I’ve read the writing on the wall

In preparation for the fall


Testing my metal

Taste of the gun

Suck the barrel

Swallow the drug

Prepared for peril

Partake of poison

Leap from atop the precipice of pride

Just lie down in the road and die!


A stick, a nick, a prick of the arsenic

And I’m bleeding from my pores

Critics and cynics toxic to my core

The poison chalice passed unto me

Never drains, it only pours


To live a life obscured

Negates the past endured

Makes me just another passenger

This show demands a stage manager

I need more than just this

To maintain the will to live

To believe in tomorrow’s promises

You can’t bring me down

But seem determined to try

Keep plundering from my castles

Picking apart my pies in the sky

But I’d rather die for a thousand lies

Than just lie down in the road and die!


Life of worth yearned

Death is unconcerned

Destiny just a word

Failure is learned

Fortunes can turn

Realism spurned

Till I lay down my burdens

In the urn that I’ve earned


A tick, a nick, a prick of the arsenic

And I’m bleeding forevermore

Critics and cynics toxic to the core

The poison chalice passed unto me

Just pours my heart out onto the floor


It never rains, it only pours forth from my pores

The poison my partner in crime at death’s door

I’d rather curse, swear and shake my fist at the sky

Even plan out my own suicide

Before I’d swallow my pride and refuse to even try

Or just lay down my burdens in the road and just die!


Apr 13th

Greed - (Vol 19 Cut 3)

By Robert Millikin
(Vol 19 - Pins & Needles)

A brand new breed

Bred to succeed

Take the reins of society

Fueled by perceived need

Consuming philosophy

Selfish creed of greed

As seen on every screen


I don’t care to keep up

Neither ought you

It’s just a fallacy fools pursue

Be free from deception, and be freely you


All we’ve been taught and been told is

All we’ve ever been shown is

We must keep up with the Joneses

Must buy new, discard old shit

It is imperative we own this


A brand new brand name

Branded to proclaim

Superior in every way

Better buy to be the best

As advertised to suggest

Need to possess, be like the rest

Obsessed quest to invest in success


I don’t care to keep up

Neither ought you

It’s just a fallacy fools pursue

Be freed of perceptions, be free to be you


All we’ve been taught and been told is

All we’ve ever been shown is

We must keep up with the Joneses

Must buy new, discard old shit

It is imperative we own this


Slaved to child-like notions you still hold

This need to be known for all that you own

Looking your best to impress all your clones

Greed fuels the need to keep up with your jones



I cannot condone this

The chasing of Joneses

They’ve always an awesome front lawn

Hard to keep up any pretense for long


You think you cannot control this

You feel so compulsive

But you need to own this, you do

This childish devotion

This disease of a notion

This need to be known can crush you

Someone out there will always have a lusher lawn than you


They’ll always have a better looking lawn

You look up one day and your life is gone

When you die it’s all done, over and that’s it

Spent life accumulating shit you can’t take with



A brand you can trust

To debase and disgust

Better than the rest of us

Base banal breed, the aristocracy

Raised to appraise and glorify greed

Juvenile attention-seeking to be seen

Why so much need to be the epitome?


I don’t care to keep up

And neither ought you

It’s just a false god of fortune

Be at peace with the world and peace will find you


All we’ve been taught and been told is

All we’ve ever been shown is

We must keep up with the Joneses

Must buy new, discard old shit

It is imperative we own this


Greed not needed to best all these hurdles

Don’t be caught up in this circus of circles

When you die it’s all done and gone and that’s it

Just a spent life accumulating shit you can’t take with.

Apr 6th

Wait (A Song)

By Streetside Poet
Wait (A Song)
Eyes meet their feet
someone’s left to feel the aching.
The loudest heart knows defeat
someone’s left trembling.
You say you’ve lost it now.
He’s gone and you’re gonna break somehow.
I wanna be the one
 to hold your breaking heart tonight.
I wanna kiss away your tears
before they ever come to life.
And when the morning comes
I hope I’m the only one you love.
I’ve been here in this moment forever
the moment I fell for you.
If you want me to pretend to be in love
I know how to.
If you want me to tell you
about the stars I see deep into your skies.
Because I will brave the storm
just to see your clear blue eyes.
I just love you so.
I just love you so.
I’ll never let you go.
I love you so..
Please just wait!
I wanna be the one
to hold your breaking heart tonight.
I wanna kiss away your tears 
before they ever come to life.
And when the morning comes
I’ll be the only one
there beneath your clear blue skies
staring at the sun.
Mar 23rd

Give N Take - (Vol 19 Cut 2)

By Robert Millikin
(Vol 19 - Pins & Needles)

Give and take and given to take

Give and take and given to take


Taken by this vantage

Given to toating others’ baggage

Taken as sage dispenser of adage

Given up for the takers’ advantage


Give me grief, no surprise

Take my advice or don’t even try

Give up ghosts and useless pride

As I take on all you give in stride


Give and take and given to take

Give and take and given to take

My mind and my time once mine and free

At least take to heed what I say unto thee

None of us free in this “free” society


Taken by the clever lie

Given to questioning why

Taken in by the criminal mind

Given to being taken for a ride


Give it me straight on the sly

Take to criticizing the other side

Gives me pause as world’s collide

As I’m taken down to your size

To see the sight from your eyes

To feel the plight from inside


Give and take and given to take

That not free yet needed, necessity

Plunder then suffer another disparity

Freedom taken, given sentence; hilarity

Give your all yet still need take charity


Taken as read society so savage

Given to hope despite the deep damage

Taken in by the promise of safe passage

Given to being taken for granted


Give me liberty or death

Take my trust, the last I’ve left

Give me BS to my last breath

As they that giveth also taketh


Give and take and given to take

All on offer, all sold out and fake

Many taken aback, realize too late

They’ve taken the bait as class separates

Takes one to know one as all are made slaves


Taken in by political spin

A given that only assholes can win

Taken by the whim of powerful men

Given to being taken in by it again


Give me promises and then

Take my hand, pretend we’re friends

Give me naught but the business end

As I take this shit upon my chin

To feel this subtle twist in the wind

To see beyond your shit eating grin


Give and take and given to take

Give and take and given to take

Giving up is too much to take

Taking it on, so much at stake

Given means to the end of this state


Taking its toll on the soul

Given to being swallowed up whole

Taken over by this yawning black hole

Given to taking on loss of control


Give to me seeds and I will sew

Take my word for it, I should know

Give me your dreams we’ll watch them grow

As I take my hat off for whom the bell tolls


Give and take and given to take

Given promises, hate, all else they just take

Give and take and given to take

Take them down, take their crown

Give ‘em to dungeons deep underground.

Mar 9th

Unity - (Vol 19 Cut 1)

By Robert Millikin
(Vol 19 - Pins & Needles)

Stronger than the sum of our parts

Bolder now we’re bound by our hearts

Deeper than the marks of our scars

Taking back what’s always been ours

Seeking out the common in cause

Come together united by flaws

Tearing apart the borders, the walls

You’ve all been invited; we’ve come for you all


The trend toward greater unity

Join the worldwide community

Rise from your seats and be counted

Embrace the human race and be surrounded

The beauty of unity unsurmounted


Dedicated to the youth as a whole

Trying not to fall down the same hole

Striking toward the goal we all hold

Reaching out for the stars to go gold

Fight to restore a world torn by war

Standing up despite divisive scorn

Dying to live together to form

A united front, an affront to the norm


The trends depend upon our unity

We are a worldwide community

Rise from your slumber and be counted

Embrace the human race, feel surrounded

The beauty of unity unsurmounted


I soar inside to see this sight

It seems as if it’s shared insight

Serene the scene of solidarity such as this

So many now see this strife for what it is


The beauty of unity cannot be beat

The union of so many no one can defeat

The sages of separation can no longer compete

People of the world rise up from your seats

Declare me your brother and in the middle we’ll meet


Success more sweet for those who’ve tasted of defeat

No surrender, no retreat, the drive inside is to succeed

To exceed all expectations and rise above the rest

To pass the bar, the test, to be your very best


The beauty of unity overcoming our oppressors

Empathy bridges the divides of cultural pressure

A harmony of hearts and minds beyond measure

Common cause speaks to us all: right, left and center

Human endeavor never severs the ties that bind us together


Embracie all aspects of humanity as a family

We will unite despite the right that divides with spite to incite insanity

Rejoice in the choice to share unified voice across all borders, boundaries and beliefs

In common cause with the bulk of civilized society


The trend is one toward unity

It’s a worldwide community

Rise above distrust and be counted

Embrace the human race and be astounded

How we remain unbroken, unbowed and unsurmounted


I soar inside to see this sight!

The beauty of unity

A new sense of community

Joining hands to share in the victory

Standing together through whatever to make history.

Feb 15th

An Angel from above

By cristelle padua
as we walk on our own
we are being watched,
guided by someone 
as we face life's triumphs
we are not alone
someone's looking a way, 
for us to solve our problem
our challenge...
God will never let us face this world
on our own, all alone...
we all have our guardian angels,
someone who's not seen,
but always, felt by the heart
never think you're alone,
someone's with you,
they don't live with us 
but rather they do live inside us
God knows how to make us smile
even if we feel like the world's against us
but always remember that an Angel from above
is always, and forever will 
be with you
Nov 24th

My Song

By Poetry Dancer


My song is playing in the distance

above the crowd and chaos

accompanied by  full orchestra

with lyrical motion

in traffic

my song

is requesting an audience

of complete attention

the house lights have grown dim

and the music is beginning

to pull me away from the familiar themes of yesterday

into the unknown

separating me from everything  that is unholy

my song

is the rhythm of 10,000 tambourines

marking time

giving thanks and praise to God for life

on this upward musical journey

from here to there

my song transports me

keeping my soul oblivious

to the voices that would hold me in captivity

beneath the deafening silence

that’s why

I always need to hear my song

that was written for me

the one that no one else can dance to

the one that plays in the distance

calling my name

spinning on the ones and two’s

on mp3


old school 8 track


and 33 1/3

with the scratch

my song will play

until reach my destination

and finish my story

one unstoppable resonating

original mixtape

of melodies and harmonies

my song . . . is me.





Oct 2nd


By Dahlia Salazar
It's unexplainable/
The feeling of butterflies only so severe that they try to escape from the pit of your stomach taking everything you had for lunch with them/
Or like the drop on the roller coaster where you look down and begin to regret the decision of getting on in the first place screaming at the maintenance man to PLEASE HELP ME GET THE FUCK DOWN only before realizing the only way of getting down is the drop/
I've felt this feeling before/
You must have too/
It's nothing new/
It's the feeling you got when you walked through the doors on your first day of school because you've never had to meet so many people at once and it's so terrifying because you missed orientation/
It's the feeling you got when you received your first secret/
Not sure whether to tell or keep it to yourself/
It’s the feeling you got when you were about to read your first poem/
You wrote it all on your own/
And you worried deeply about what everyone thought of you/
Anxiety attack/
Your sweaty palms that you wiped off on the thigh of your jeans/
Sweating profusely/
The lump in your gullet is growing quickly and you’re feeling as though you’re about to cry/
You worked so hard on that poem and hoped that everyone loved it as much as you were proud of it/
And they called your name and you had two choices you could make/
Now the first was to give up/
And tell them you just couldn’t/
And just give up/
Or the second/
To go out there/
And face your fears/
And read what is the best poem you’ve written in your whole god damn life/
And the first was not an option/
Okay, maybe it was, but it wasn’t a very good one./
So you walked out/
Knees shaking/
Hoping to not slip up/
Papers wrinkled in your death grip you never knew you had because you lost every arm wrestling match you were ever in/
So you went up there/
Then exhaled all of the words in a shaking voice/
And everyone in the dark audience/
Of all of the faces you could see/
Could feel the emotion in the poem you wrote/
And once you finished your piece/
Everyone clapped/
And many stood up/
And with tears in your eyes you knew what you wanted to do for the rest of your life/
As you walked off stage/
You received hugs/
And people telling you they never saw that side of you before/
And some of them told you they felt every word/
And the sigh of relief escaped from the bottom of your lungs/
You read that poem nervously but effortlessly/
The butterflies settled/
The roller coaster dropped/
You made it through the day alive/
You kept the secret/
And you read that poem/
Oct 2nd

A Modern Love Poem

By Dahlia Salazar
Love is a cliché I grew up believing was true/
I thought everyone got a chance to love and be loved back/
But the older I got the less I believed/
Love stories we no longer love stories/
They became like stories/
Thought  they were in love and later got a divorce story/
Were in like and almost in love but one of the died story/
Half assed relationship, more like relationshit, one of them is cheating story/
I wrote a poem just for you/
Roses can be red, but they can also be white or pink or yellow/
Violets are kind of blue, but are more of a purple-ish hue/
Sugar is sweet, but lots of people are diabetic and I used that as a metaphor to say that a lot of people simply can’t tolerate you/
And you're sweet like that sugar, which I like, but I'm on a diet so I think I'll steer clear of you/
I'm a hopeless romantic/
I know

And I wish I could say I liked you with just my heart like most people/
But I like you with my mind since you're on it all day/
I like you with my ears since I'm here to hear what you have to say/
I like you with my arms since I want to wrap them around you all of the time/
And I like you with my eyes since I could look into your all day/
And there are times when I blow off our plans for a Molly Ringwald movie marathon/
“When will love find me?”/
“Like the beautiful Molly Ringwald”/
“Arms wrapped around me being told how much I’m loved.”/
“How much I’m cherished.”/
“How even though I’m a no one at first, I can eventually be the pretty girl with a happy ending.”/
“’Girl, I’ve come to save you when you need no saving’”/
“’I just want to make you feel like you matter’”/
“Car outside a church parking lot at my sister’s wedding.”/
“Wait I don’t have a sister”/
I continue to repeat as you call me and I ignore it/
4 missed calls and 1 unread text/
You eventually stop calling and that’s just when I remember you exist/
It seems as though you only matter to me when you’re not around/
I know I’m aloof and clingy at the same time sometimes/
But that doesn’t mean you don’t mean anything to me/
I wrote a poem just for you/
You are my sunshine, but the sunshine gives me a sunburn which I find absolutely annoying, but you're the only one I got/
You make me happy when skies are grey so I only want you when you're unavailable/
You'll never know dear that I like you so much even though I can't intellectualize my romantic emotions all that well/
So please don't leave me even though I act as though you don't matter/
I'm a hopeless romantic/
I know/

Remember in elementary school when every single person/
Lovable, loved, or not/
Got a valentine/
When not one person was left out/
Everyone got a card and a candy/
And up until middle school, that's how it was/
Then, the holiday/
Meaningless holiday/
Was only reserved for the closest of friends and people who were in like with each other/
For the person I'm in like with/
For my close friend/
For my best friend/
None for you/
I wrote a poem just for you/
Shall I compare thee to a summers day because you are hot and appearance is all that matters/
I'm not gonna lie, it's all that matters to me/
I'm a hopeless romantic/
I know/

So go forth, my friends/
Spread your false like to everyone like strawberry jam on this slice of hot, buttery toast we call earth/
Please do savor every piece you're given/
Make sure everyone gets a little bit of that fake like/
Make them believe they matter to you even though they don't/
Get their hopes up and break their hearts/
That's how it words now a day’s/
I wrote a poem just for you/
A haiku/
I really like you/
I really really like you/
I really like you/
I'm a hopeless romantic/
I know.
Oct 2nd


By Dahlia Salazar
Have you noticed that such late nights create extremely eccentric thoughts/
How as soon as your head hits the pillow, your imagination runs like wild salmon up a surging river/
I realized that this wasn't a thing I could control/
The only real thing I could do about it was to just let it happen/
Just let the thousands on thousands of thoughts flow and flow/
4 A.M. can create some pretty profound and philosophical thoughts/
One tends to get that way with a lack of sleep/

When you were a kid, did you ever stay up shaking with fright that there were monsters spying on you from the closet/
Under the bed/
Maybe even in the dresser drawers/
Because I did/
But I figured out that those monsters that munched on kids we heard tall tales about weren't real, but they were metaphors for the monsters we faced as we grew older/
Either that or they grew up with us/
Some people have this monster named anxiety/
Some people have one named self consciousness and his brother insecurity who play with people's minds/
Some have guilt which eats them alive from the inside/
Some have jealousy causing them to set real goals aside/
And some have failure which is because they either flat out can't or don't even try/
And it's nearly impossible for people to ignore/
But some manage/

But those were some among other burdens/
The worst of them all/
The existential crisis/
Wondering why it's the unknown I fear/
How long we've been here/
Is the end near and will it be clear?/
And once the end comes, what will we do?/
Did we evolve or just appear overnight like a baby's first tooth?/
What was trekking this great land before us?/
Did the earth just start off as a little pebble flying through the cosmos progressively adding more and more like the Katamari game in real life/
All I can say is it's like how many licks it takes to get to the center of the Tootsie pop: The world may never know/

So more time passed/
And more thoughts pile on/
There were many/
And they hit me all at once like a wrecking ball/
New ideas/
Enough to pound in my head like a raging moshpit in revolt/
But as soon as a new idea showed up my brain made like a landlord and kicked the last idea out like a tenant that forgot to pay the rent and made room for a new idea to be moved in/
I try not to let the next one die out telling myself "Write down the next idea because if you can't make any of this happen the generations to come can figure it all out for themselves."/
So I go to get my notebook and pen, but as soon as I introduce pen to paper, it shrivels away and dies like a fall leaf as it falls with the rest of them/
They pile on and add like graceful again/
It's another idea down the drain/
So unique/
So creative/
So different/
There will never be an equivalent to what has been created and lost/
Until the next ten ideas sprout up like weeds/
But die like orchids/
Then another/
And another/
And another/
And another/
All dying before they can even be released from the tip of the ballpoint pen/
All of the dreams dead/
Ideas lost/
Creations corrupt/
It seems as though immediately after a though is born, it's learn to stand on its own two feet, walk, run, fend for itself, and wandered off to the point of no return within a record of 10 seconds flat/
No need to be raised/
“I don’t need to be nurtured”/
“You don’t own me” it will say/
They continue to add on/
1, 2, 9, 20, 36/
They drive me to insanity/
Like Chinese water torture/
I can't count the hours of potential sleep that have been lost/
And just when I think the thoughts won't cease, the alarm clock stops me mid thought/
My imagination kept me up all night/
Tomorrow, I'll, again, put up the fight/
 And though they torture/
Mock and stalk me every night/
Did I ever once say that I really mind?


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