Jun 23rd


By Dori Wheeler


Unbridled Foal

Isolated, divergent, alone
Growing up without a common zone
A sapling withering in the sun
Her roots thirsty, wanting to become
Bohemian heart and gypsy soul
Tenacious like an unbridled foal
A ship with no anchor tossed at sea
She needed a beacon just to be
Can she be tamed? Only time will tell
Trusting Creator was tough to sell
Skepticism, her mortal design
Perseverance would transform her mind
Warrior woman on a mission
Great Spirit brought her to fruition
She broke bondage of ancient time
Radiant, she now feels the sunshine
Within her realm, she's the sublime queen
Inner demons conquered, quite a scene
Soaring like Eagle, she sees it all
Motivated by love, she can not fall....
Jun 22nd


By Arik Fletcher

Don’t swear at that reflection of the clouds upon your screen,

That burst of light from high above obscuring what has been,

You do not need to know what everyone has done or seen,

Nor do you need to follow where the crowd might go or lean.


Don’t dwell on flawless selfies or the posts of yesteryear,

The past can be forgotten without cause for doubt or fear,

You are more than the sum of every shared smile or tear,

More than the likes and comments of those strangers you hold dear.


Don’t live within the memory of a plastic-coated dream,

That manufactured happiness worth less than it may seem,

You have a brighter purpose than your state of mind might gleam,

A chance to change your future if you let the light redeem.


Don’t spend another minute on a pixelated lie,

The truth is just above you in the azure coated sky,

You only have this moment to live before you die,

So step away from all that’s fake and give real life a try.

Jun 17th


By Dori Wheeler


I pen these lines for Father's Day
Many miles, so far away
In my heart you're near and dear
With admiration, I shed a tear
Your babes are blessed to call you, "Dad"
All the adventures that you've had
You're their champion, their shining star
Never forget just who you are
Be the example that they need
You're the apple, they're the seed
Look upon them with loving eyes
Do your best, don't compromise
I respect you friend, love you too
Wish there was more I could say or do
Know we gaze at the same moon
Not sure when, but I'll see you soon...

May 14th


By Dori Wheeler


Twenty-five years gone, down the drain
After one, I couldn't refrain
I never heard the Siren sing
Twelve hours prior, same old thing...

I was powerless, after all
No hope for me, it came to call
Isolated, drinking alone
Never occurred, to use the phone...

2 am, I ran out of booze
Put it on pause and tried to snooze
8 am, I went on a run
Trying to beat the heat of the sun...

Minor accident, leaving the scene
Time had come, for me to get clean
Divine intervention, very true
God did for me, what I couldn't do...

Mortified, a complete disgrace
Abstinence, I must embrace
Never again is way too soon
A lesson learned, I'm back in tune...

Shouldn't have been behind the wheel
Costly mistake, it's a big deal
Ninety meetings in ninety days
Yes, indeed, sobriety pays...


May 14th


By Dori Wheeler

Insidious, it bides the time
Vigilant, to achieve its crime
Malevolence invades their brain
Eventually, a derailed train..

Subtle decline of prayer and thought
Serenity can not be bought
Acceptance is forever key
Obtain it with an honest plea...

They're plagued with this mortal disease
Rid compulsion, they beg Him please
Feeding upon the life they led
It wants their soul, it wants them dead...

In seclusion, they are no longer
Fellowship helps make them stronger
This is life or death, it's no game
Be responsible, own the blame...

Delivered from the gates of Hell
Nothing more than a broken shell
Surrendering to a brand new way
There is no graduation day...

Debauchery; it's in the past
Time to live in this world so vast
Climbing steps, promises ring true
Without elixir, they made it through...

Dorinda Wheeler '16
All Rights Reserved

May 14th


By Dori Wheeler


Not always seeing eye to eye
All too often, I challenged why
Way back then, too blind to see
That you aspired the best for me
You enlightened me, right from wrong
Disciplined, a woman strong
To be vulnerable and forgive
Absolve resentment, simply live
Your soul was summoned to Gods keep
After all these years, I still weep
My unique sentry, from high above
I mourn your wisdom, your strength, your love
You have crossed the ethereal veil
Grant your spirit to soar, to sail
At long last, you're finally free
Bright red Cardinal, tree to tree
Your signs noticed from where you are
Vivid feathers, dreams, a falling star
You're always welcome, anytime
Mom, your "visits" are quite sublime
Heartfelt words I wish to convey
Love you Mom! Happy Mothers Day!
Appreciation, each day through
Bouquets of Lilacs, just for you...

Apr 27th


By Arik Fletcher

The record spins again today,

Each note without repeat,

A revolution just begun,

This song far from complete.


The beat kicks up another notch,

The bridge not far behind,

A melody unique to me,

A chorus yet to find.


The lyrics cast their spell once more,

The words more than they seem,

The story of my life so far,

My future still to dream.

Feb 14th


By Arik Fletcher

We’ve known each other half our lives,

Through sunny day and winter chill,

So much has changed since we were young,

Except our love which never will.


We’ve shared this road for half our lives,

Through cheery smile and sorrowed tear,

So much we’ve seen along the way,

Yet we stay strong through each new year.


We’ve been entwined for half our lives,

Through happiness and tragedy,

So much has been in our shared time,

But through it all we’re meant to be.

Jan 18th


By Arik Fletcher

I am more than my skin tone,

More than my place of birth,

I am more than my culture,

My species on this Earth.


I am more than my gender,

More than you may have heard,

I am more than a pronoun,

My sex is just a word.


I am more than a number,

More than a head to count,

I am more than a trophy,

My flesh not yours to mount.


I am a different person,

More than I was before,

I am my true reflection,

My secret life no more.


I am a phoenix rising,

More than the heart you spurned,

I am alive and learning,

My past self dead and burned.


I am a new beginning,

More than I was back then,

I am a different ending,

A chance to live again.

Jan 17th

Extant Angel

By Arik Fletcher

Don’t despair or miss me,

Do not shed a tear,

My love for you is still here,

To keep you safe from fear.


Our journey has not ended,

For I am still with you,

Forever more beside you,

To share in all you do.


Don’t feel that you have lost me,

Do not weep or frown,

My heart won’t let you feel down,

It will not let you drown.


Our story is not over,

This chapter just begun,

The pages so far from done,

As you walk with the sun.


Don’t forget the good times,

Do not let sadness show,

My soul shares all that you know,

And follows where you’ll go.


Our lives are never finished,

The memories live on,

To share the light we have shone,

Even when I am gone.


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