Aug 29th

Rest In Peace Tigerino

By Sonnet Diva

Once again wracked in disbelief

Death stole you quickly like a thief

loss of your friendship no relief

Flex writers we wrote hand in hand

Your writing held in high demand

Finally tried free verse your command


Heard of your passing broke my heart

Remembered tips that you’d impart

Express my loss but where to start 

We hadn’t spoken in a while

Your poetry would make me smile

you wrote of passion with great style


As Tigerino knew you best

You will be missed I can attest

Now rest in peace my last request

Once more my tears falling like rain

I’ll keep pen moving won’t abstain

Grief stabs staccato I'm In pain




May 20th

Sunset Delight

By Sonnet Diva


Solitude and reflection it addressed

Spectacular sunsets God gives  his best

With introspection on spiritual quest

It’s believed a red sunset signals storm

Rich deepened hues while the sky does transform


Out walking on the beach our hearts implore

What we hold self evident we explore

Understand existence hard to ignore

It’s believed a red sunset signals storm

Rich deepened hues while the sky does transform


Sunsets do signal the end of the day

Our thoughts of self scatter in disarray

Metamorphosis now is underway

In radiant colors we are impressed

Solitude and reflection it addressed


May 18th

Original Daddy's Girl

By Sonnet Diva




An original Daddy’s girl

pleasant times times my memories swirl

Dancing together we did whirl

A part of you we’re well combined

till today our souls still aligned


Inspiration the best I had

you’re in my thoughts though I’m not sad

within my heart there’s always Dad

A part of you we’re well combined

till today our souls still aligned


You’re thought of more than Father’s day

the best of you I do display

my love for you I will convey

Gem of my life my dad my pearl

An original Daddy's girl




Dec 17th

Happy Sixth Flex

By Sonnet Diva

To celebrate and keep alive, 

for poetry to live and thrive

On hallowed Flex walls that we write

Imagination does ignite

Within this place we do all learn,

expressing feelings that return

To stretch your style finding delight

Imagination does ignite

To read the whispers of one’s soul

Emotive pieces that console

A milestone something to excite

Imagination does ignite

Here’s to six years and many more

As poets tumble through our door

Now write and partake I invite

Imagination does ignite

To celebrate and keep alive,

Imagination does ignite

Nov 24th

Holiday Bustle

By Sonnet Diva

The hustle , bustle as holidays near

Traditions I hold close fill me with cheer

Renewal of my faith and hope are clear

Grand daughter brings sparkle to my old eyes

Now smiling at Christmas a big surprise

Joyfulness arises I can’t disguise

The death of my mother did hit me hard

Christmas without her feelings did bombard

Loneliness wounds left my heart a hard shard

Passing down family traditions a prize

Finding my angel although she’s pint sized

Joyfulness arises I can’t disguise

No longer doubtful nor filled with regret

Knowing this will be the best Christmas yet

Christmas will now be a charming vignette

In Reagan’s bright smile my Mom reappears

Renewal of my faith and hope are clear

The hustle , bustle as holidays near

Oct 15th

Autumnal Changes

By Sonnet Diva

Autumnal splendor, chill in the air

Indeed there are changes everywhere

With a melancholy I can’t describe

Winter is approaching there’s no disguise

Much shorter days as autumn leaves do fall

There’s much less of bright sunshine, I recall

Feelings of homesickness start to arise

Winter is approaching there’s no disguise

Flowers are fading, growing season done

I will miss the outdoors and the bright sun

Soon I’ll be housebound that I do despise

Winter is approaching there’s no disguise

Autumnal splendor, chill in the air

Winter is approaching there’s no disguise

Aug 14th

Zombie Quaintrelle

By Sonnet Diva

From graveyard zombie did arise

He’s hungry now it’s no surprise

Ebony night , zombie delight

From food he can’t abstain

He’s a minion of the undead

When sighting one you do feel dread

He has been trained, to eat your brains

Eating you causes pain

Aug 11th

Surfing Quaintrelle

By Sonnet Diva

She rides the waves on dragonflies

Her spirit soaring to the skies

The ride so sweet, her thoughts complete

Riding during full moon

To surf she finds tranquility

Released responsibility

Waves crash about her soon

This form was created by my friend Mercury Rising The poem is mine
Aug 10th

Imaginary Friend

By Sonnet Diva

Dear friend,

          We sit together as we write at times you're quite absurd.It’s like someone does charge you up and then you scream we write. I see you as the pink energizer bunny. The words come tumbling out so fast my fingers can’t keep up .With metaphors, alliteration , rhyme and form all these things you fling about like a sailor on shore leave.My Muse at times you do demand and won’t rest till you’re heard.Often more than just one write I think this is our third.Impatiently careen about while searching for the words. I try my best to keep up with you but it’s true I do need sleep. While I try to rest through poetry halls you creep. The dictionary’s your best friend, it’s pages are dog eared.Excitable you are so young my inner child comes to life. Demanding wench I’m stuck with you, my term it is for life.Your antics sometimes drive me wild, but where would I be without you.So my Muse come take your bow, for recognition true. You are my best imaginary friend

                        Sonnet Diva 

Aug 9th

To My Hawaiian Doppleganger

By Sonnet Diva

To My Hawaiian Doppleganger

I veered to the left while you went right

A less travelled road you preferred

I married him and became a wife

I was in love my heart concurred

My doppleganger lived a simpler life

You stayed in Hawaii and danced all night

After a few years became a mother had a child 

That part of me , misses you still

Last I heard you were still running wild

You’re living in Hawaii full of goodwill

I’m facing challenges everyday

Experiences  and life has made me

One of  us works while the other plays

You’ve no responsibilities you’re free

Such different lives we have lived, 

yet I wouldn’t trade

My husband, son, and grandchild 

enriched the life I made

A part of me entwined with you, 

Yet I was brave and saw it through


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