Apr 27th


By Depth Writer



 Arms of length feel its touch,

 the azure brightens, as it begins 

the bend into the unknown.

 Billets condemn thorns

 of itch and thirst, bleeding 

of tongueless empathy.



  Shiny chains and chaplet

 dine on past meals,

 banishing the mark of beastly ego,

 pretending it is not there.

 Bare crimsons gallop on bareback dreams.

 Like wild animal pulling, destroying

 the surroundings of a symphony.



  Chevron faces staring blankly

 into darkened coral enigmas, 

and cross the eyes of its blind,

 feeling its way through death's

  threshold. Dressed in falcon

 wing feathers, and disposed 

of a hemisphere.

Mar 8th


By Depth Writer

Weeping from pages half-adorned by man's decision. Cannot panthom its reasons of peaceful glances. Urban communities underseige, held captive in an ocean of emotional tears. Slaughtered voices with cutout minds, thoughts fall to a breaking silence. No where to rest your heads, to think of why- waves rush over you, the ambiance frustrating, I am sure, but to no avail, you die. In our arms, you are no more to speak the words first embraced ago. So, I too, shall ever weep for thee, and in its population of tombs, I will be of life and continuance. That you too will become the breaths of all. Naught of any distinction or power trip, you, my dears will prevail in an afterlife- 

Mar 8th

Is It That Hard?

By Depth Writer

No light enters the crowd of a million bridges

Their coats flame against the luminous of indulgence, and the new dawn begins to close its eyes upon thy face.

As ridges form wrinkled paths inside your chests- dark images soon appear, as humankind knelt on moist ground. They, the people fell victim to chaos, a disaster, an abyss so admiring in the aftermath of battle.


Collecting the album of life in thy palms-

O', the cream of crop shall witness the blindness of you, and perhaps, he or she will question their own deeds.


Masses file in line of three, as beetles sway side to side. Their reasons unknown to followers, but still they roam noman's land, and take the leap of faith.

Sunder is naught of reality or to be damned in a world who cannot thirst its own suffering, or hunger for Heaven's halos, but to be of likeness to cosmic aura, and the humanity you claim to want.


Mar 8th


By Depth Writer

Summer direction climbs of passing pale, thin limbs that barely are neglectic. Trashing love lasting of chiming heart. Storms of hail kneel at the bed of echoing mouths.

Mar 8th


By Depth Writer

You want a revelation that cannot be deciphered?


To be collected in a basket of flowers-

disposed, eroded petals slamming below, swallowed by thy soil. Deep dark places crawling from shadowy doorways, dragging tongues flame across your sky. But, the dawn did capsize from rolling hills complete with shivery bodies, and a graceless aorta. 


{Holding out my hands]


You see I once gave a shit

Would strip the shirt of my back, and give you Heaven and Hell in the same breadth, but your actions spoke loud and clear- turning pages not yet written, I bled on the back of a camel, absorbing the breeze as it birthed from nothing at all.


Buried seeds in the pasture, watered, and fed, till they were to be sent off on their own.


Held tight to the thought.



Watched the clouds sweet and bullet across the horizon.






Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Bourbon floats on the rim of a shot glass

colored lava soothing as it runs down funneled throat

Achromic odor flutters in liquid numbness, the old man

captures an anemia thought.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Bell wires blossom across the city,
 their belts coincide with irregular harmony,
as the people group in threes
waiting to hear its show begin.
Braces black with a tint of the sun's
braided spikes radiate over the rooves of unsuspected currents.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Argent focuses on its stem

Arms of length feel its touch, the azure brightens, as it begins its bend into the unknown. Billets condemn thorns of itch and thirst, bleeding of tongueless empathy.

Shiny chains and chaplet dine on past meals, banishing the mark of beastly ego, pretending it is not there. Bare crimsons gallop on bareback dreams. Like wild animal pulling, destroying the surroundings of symphony.

Chevron faces stare blankly into darkened coral engimas, and cross the eyes of its blind, feeling its way through death's threshold. Dressed in falcon wing feathers, and disposed hemisphere.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer


With this cloth, we hurry to hang the opus on drapery first birthed from the lace of silky dreams, and open thy mind to the textile of feeling.


Feel its texture robe itself around your chested vessel, with tissue tightening, weaving fate inside the pores of flesh. Kneeling to the web beneath the soil, 

asbestos beauty hurling toward the border. A canvas blank.


Fingers clawing at the sun in the sky, coulisse warped hands show age and miles traveled. 'fore-and-aft-sail, we glide on wings of fir trees, leeches in the pigments of our skin, begging to be taken away, but you say hell no, for there is no room.

Feb 2nd


By Depth Writer

Abide thy neighbor


For the air is smooth with ambiance 

and appears to the dweller of sight,

 to be calm with those of appreciation. 

Apprehend the artifact for those not yet

 to see its value.


An art to be painted, absorbed, to assume

the fickle heart, the heavy weight of a world

'Be conscious of', subjected judgments and

its spleen torn from the edges, losing empathy.

 bear the bleed for it is believing.


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