Sep 27th

Never Say Never

By Arik Fletcher

Never be me,
No- cannot be true,
I’d always persisted in making it through.

Never be me,
No- nothing like this,
I’d always assumed it would be a near miss.

Never be me,
No- something is wrong,
I’d always insisted that I was more strong.

Never be me,
No- just a mistake,
I’d always had faith that my will would not break.

Never be me,
No- beyond belief,
I’d always resisted the fear and the grief.

Never be me,
No- let me rewind,
I’d always imagined I’d be left behind.

Sep 26th


By Arik Fletcher

The nights go on eternally,
The days seem far too short,
The sunrise far too late to halt,
The demons that I court.

I hear their voices in the dark,
Their silent call to arms,
They whisper softly in my ear,
And play upon my qualms.

The love I hold within my heart,
Is all that keeps me sane,
The truth that this in time will fade,
Yet more for them to gain.

These fears I thought long conquered,
Played out for me each night,
Reveal a past I cannot change,
A future far from sight.

Aug 1st


By Arik Fletcher

A picture speaks a thousand words and words can paint a scene,
Alas when put together they are often stuck between,
For beauty in a work of art need never be defined,
Nor should the deepest words be shaped or in a frame confined.

This is but my opinion though it has been shared by some,
That words alone should be enough for poets yet to come,
For images can set a tone not found within the verse,
As words in turn change context and more often for the worse.

It is a modern folly to combine these works of art,
As in so doing meanings change and truth will fade in part,
For each must take its audience into a private dream,
Where they can seek what meaning their own heart and soul can gleam.

So heed my call dear poets and refrain from present form,
Allow your work to find a voice within the growing storm,
Your ink can tell a story without need for sketch or picture,
And you in turn will better write without this ill thought mixture.

Jul 20th

No Repeat

By Arik Fletcher

Real music is emotion,

Raw feelings from within,

A glimpse into a dark soul,

Exposed with every spin.


Each song is a reflection,

Of secret thoughts and dreams,

A story with true meaning,

Between the words and screams.


Deep lyrics are addictive,

A drug we must consume,

They cling to every dark note,

That calls us to our doom.


Each melody is sacred,

Despite what chart it tops,

And we will sing the chorus,

Until the music stops.

Jun 22nd


By Arik Fletcher

Don’t swear at that reflection of the clouds upon your screen,

That burst of light from high above obscuring what has been,

You do not need to know what everyone has done or seen,

Nor do you need to follow where the crowd might go or lean.


Don’t dwell on flawless selfies or the posts of yesteryear,

The past can be forgotten without cause for doubt or fear,

You are more than the sum of every shared smile or tear,

More than the likes and comments of those strangers you hold dear.


Don’t live within the memory of a plastic-coated dream,

That manufactured happiness worth less than it may seem,

You have a brighter purpose than your state of mind might gleam,

A chance to change your future if you let the light redeem.


Don’t spend another minute on a pixelated lie,

The truth is just above you in the azure coated sky,

You only have this moment to live before you die,

So step away from all that’s fake and give real life a try.

Apr 27th


By Arik Fletcher

The record spins again today,

Each note without repeat,

A revolution just begun,

This song far from complete.


The beat kicks up another notch,

The bridge not far behind,

A melody unique to me,

A chorus yet to find.


The lyrics cast their spell once more,

The words more than they seem,

The story of my life so far,

My future still to dream.

Feb 14th


By Arik Fletcher

We’ve known each other half our lives,

Through sunny day and winter chill,

So much has changed since we were young,

Except our love which never will.


We’ve shared this road for half our lives,

Through cheery smile and sorrowed tear,

So much we’ve seen along the way,

Yet we stay strong through each new year.


We’ve been entwined for half our lives,

Through happiness and tragedy,

So much has been in our shared time,

But through it all we’re meant to be.

Jan 18th


By Arik Fletcher

I am more than my skin tone,

More than my place of birth,

I am more than my culture,

My species on this Earth.


I am more than my gender,

More than you may have heard,

I am more than a pronoun,

My sex is just a word.


I am more than a number,

More than a head to count,

I am more than a trophy,

My flesh not yours to mount.


I am a different person,

More than I was before,

I am my true reflection,

My secret life no more.


I am a phoenix rising,

More than the heart you spurned,

I am alive and learning,

My past self dead and burned.


I am a new beginning,

More than I was back then,

I am a different ending,

A chance to live again.

Jan 17th

Extant Angel

By Arik Fletcher

Don’t despair or miss me,

Do not shed a tear,

My love for you is still here,

To keep you safe from fear.


Our journey has not ended,

For I am still with you,

Forever more beside you,

To share in all you do.


Don’t feel that you have lost me,

Do not weep or frown,

My heart won’t let you feel down,

It will not let you drown.


Our story is not over,

This chapter just begun,

The pages so far from done,

As you walk with the sun.


Don’t forget the good times,

Do not let sadness show,

My soul shares all that you know,

And follows where you’ll go.


Our lives are never finished,

The memories live on,

To share the light we have shone,

Even when I am gone.

Oct 25th

Zero Hour

By Arik Fletcher

The world has been infected,
and we are all to blame,
our silence a condition,
obedience our shame.

Our species is a parasite,
a plague upon these lands,
our greed and our ambition,
like blood upon our hands.

When all of this is over,
if we run out of time,
the future will not wait for us,
the past will be our crime.

The world is now neglected,
and we must face the flame,
inaction is our legacy,
complacency our game.

There has to be a reckoning,
there needs to be a change,
a time for something different,
the chance to rearrange.

If life is meant for all of us,
if hope still has a chance,
we have to break the pattern,
and learn a different dance.

The world can be corrected,
despite what some may claim,
we have to take this moment,
and never be the same.


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