Sep 27th

Never Say Never

By Arik Fletcher

Never be me,
No- cannot be true,
I’d always persisted in making it through.

Never be me,
No- nothing like this,
I’d always assumed it would be a near miss.

Never be me,
No- something is wrong,
I’d always insisted that I was more strong.

Never be me,
No- just a mistake,
I’d always had faith that my will would not break.

Never be me,
No- beyond belief,
I’d always resisted the fear and the grief.

Never be me,
No- let me rewind,
I’d always imagined I’d be left behind.

Sep 26th


By Arik Fletcher

The nights go on eternally,
The days seem far too short,
The sunrise far too late to halt,
The demons that I court.

I hear their voices in the dark,
Their silent call to arms,
They whisper softly in my ear,
And play upon my qualms.

The love I hold within my heart,
Is all that keeps me sane,
The truth that this in time will fade,
Yet more for them to gain.

These fears I thought long conquered,
Played out for me each night,
Reveal a past I cannot change,
A future far from sight.

Sep 25th


By Dori Wheeler

Counting days, weathering the storm
Who would've guessed we would conform?
Sober buddies from the early days
Looking back, it was such a haze
Through laughter and tears you made your way
Celebrating your special day
A fine example you've become
But never forget where you're from
You worked so hard to get your year
With trepidation, conquered fear
I admire your tenacity
Your commitment and capacity
With gratitude I call you "friend"
My 'little sister' 'til the end
Ups and downs, we've had our share
But, that is neither here nor there
Seek silver linings when feeling low
A lesson learned, a chance to grow
Step by step you're ready to fly
Spread those wings and touch the sky...


Sep 25th


By Dori Wheeler

Twenty-two years have passed us by
My August baby, weepy eyed
A bundle of joy from the start
Never desired to be apart
Playing together on the floor
Memories I'll forever adore
"LAND BEFORE TIME", many a toy
Prevalent items brought you joy
You've grown into a fine young man
Followed your dreams, formed a plan
I keep you close though miles away
Health and wisdom, for you I pray
Changes I'd make, I'd turn back time
The mom you deserved, life sublime
Mistakes were made along the way
A discordant price for you to pay
I miss you son, I love you more
But, now is your time to explore
Another chapter, let's flip the page
Hope your birthday is all the rage!!


Sep 12th


By Depth Writer

Trees and leaves

wander aimlessly through cloud covered air

With bare limbs now, they wait for changing seasons.

Yet, in reality, it is them (trees) that change the course of humanity and the future to come. But life, as a general, has no bearing on elaborations or alterations. 

In all awe, the people seem content with no discourse, no weathered fabrics to lay on the ground once full of saturation and them, themselves venture naught into the unknown.

How ironic not to know what is out there... not to feel its texture unfold before very eyes, not to touch its very existence because you are fearful of its outcome.

Aug 20th


By Depth Writer

Outside bedtime eyes, there is a softness to the air. Almost as if time was never known in its harsh realities or its hate for beauty.


You see - - -

We are but an illusion in the face of others! 

For a shell echoes its own memories and passes it down to the next inhabitant. 



Aug 1st


By Arik Fletcher

A picture speaks a thousand words and words can paint a scene,
Alas when put together they are often stuck between,
For beauty in a work of art need never be defined,
Nor should the deepest words be shaped or in a frame confined.

This is but my opinion though it has been shared by some,
That words alone should be enough for poets yet to come,
For images can set a tone not found within the verse,
As words in turn change context and more often for the worse.

It is a modern folly to combine these works of art,
As in so doing meanings change and truth will fade in part,
For each must take its audience into a private dream,
Where they can seek what meaning their own heart and soul can gleam.

So heed my call dear poets and refrain from present form,
Allow your work to find a voice within the growing storm,
Your ink can tell a story without need for sketch or picture,
And you in turn will better write without this ill thought mixture.

Jul 27th


By Dori Wheeler

She wasn't dealt a royal flush
Drugs and alcohol stole her blush
Haunted by life, praying to die
They misconstrued the reasons why
Death was her friend, her lover too
Suspending in dusk, there to woo
Taunting desires, endless needs
Captivating and sowing seeds
Dance in seclusion, shades of night
Clandestine meetings, far from light
Anticipation, what will be?
Wicked enchanter, sets her free
She slipped away holding his hand
The pain now over, life's demand
Suspended in dusk, through the veil
With sheer delight, final exhale
No worries of those left behind
Eyes wide open, yet they were blind
Keep your flowers, it's way too late
No mournful tears can compensate
Where were you in her solitude?
Claiming it was but attitude
Haunted now by September sun
It's too late, what's done is done....

Jul 21st

Blackened Night

By Depth Writer

The illusion is shallow, un-moving, unaware,

but its edges are distinct and forebearing in hastes doorstep.


Ago's coffin half buried in moss lined tomb, enshrined in cerise

and pale pink lashes. Such beauty surely must exist. Even in darkness.


Ballerinas glide and soar across slippery floor. Just as they've always done. Yet, everyone hungers for the leap of fate to surcomb their paths.





Jul 20th

No Repeat

By Arik Fletcher

Real music is emotion,

Raw feelings from within,

A glimpse into a dark soul,

Exposed with every spin.


Each song is a reflection,

Of secret thoughts and dreams,

A story with true meaning,

Between the words and screams.


Deep lyrics are addictive,

A drug we must consume,

They cling to every dark note,

That calls us to our doom.


Each melody is sacred,

Despite what chart it tops,

And we will sing the chorus,

Until the music stops.


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