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Writing with this Group Can Make for a Positively Inspirational Day!
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This group was created as an outlet for Positivity and Inspiration. Two things that we are all in need of from time to time. As a former Motivational teacher/speaker, I believe in the mind body connection and the power our words have on ourselves and others. I hope you will join us. You will be notified when a new group prompt is active. You are free to look through past inspirational forums and use them as prompts any time you wish.

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  • M. A. aka Emma Boissat
    by M. A. aka Emma Boissat 4 years ago
    Hi Depth Writer I am here....I don't think anyone cares! lol I wrote a poem today. Will stay here and get acquainted with the site. Glad to be back with some inspiration. Love and hugs to you.. Mari Ana.
  • M. A. aka Emma Boissat
    by M. A. aka Emma Boissat 4 years ago
    Kristine I want to join this group...I am lost. Where do I join? Mari ana.
  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 7 years ago
    KNOCK KNOCK ne one home? hellllo helllo knock knowck