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Creativity is the fuel that sparks our imaginations
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Creativity is the fuel that sparks our imaginations and as writers/poets our minds are an every flowing energy exploring many outlets. Creative Minds is a release and challenge to new ways of thinking and different form of expression. Created over a year ago by Tarringo T. Vaughan, creative minds has traveled the many avenues of our literary creativity and will continue to reach new destinations here on FCN!

Let's Get Creative!

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  • Nancy Lee
    by Nancy Lee 5 years ago
    Still searching, still exploring, still trying to find wisdom. I start my novels because there are people to understand. I finish them, because that's the only way I'll know how it ends. My quote for 2012: "What's it all about, Alfie?"
  • Michelle King
    by Michelle King 6 years ago
    I just opened an account here. I'm looking around to get familiar with the place. Very nice poetry site. I will start writing here soon.
  • FrankieQueenofOz Ozzie
    by FrankieQueenofOz Ozzie 6 years ago
    I'm here again, just so you guys know, I'm not abandoning you! :-) Working my way around the different forum's, groups and blogs. Have a great day everyone!
  • Shareen Packe- SoulSearchingPoetess
    hello Tarringo and everyone, Its been a while since ive written anything. I'll have to get use to the new FCN !!! so I may be asking alot of questions...
  • angela summers sponseller-woodle
    hello everyone can i get some feedback on my poems they are in my blog thanks
  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 6 years ago

    Direct link to BEAT POET GENERATION...
  • Wraithinthepen
    by Wraithinthepen 7 years ago
    i'm Still working out the bugs but i'm closer than i was
  • Tarringo Basile-Vaughan
    by Tarringo Basile-Vaughan 7 years ago
    I'm not sure Jeremy..I will definitely investigate the possibility!
  • Jeremy Bean
    by Jeremy Bean 7 years ago
    so I dont know if it is possible or not, but I thought it might be cool if the blogs had some sort of rating system. . . =)
  • YaGirlNextDoor
    by YaGirlNextDoor 7 years ago
    Thanks for invitin me. hopes I live up to the name of the group :p