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Love through poems

Love poem through a man's mind
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Here's just a group for you to express love. sexuality, passion etc through words

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  • The Mad Dr. Strange (David L. Colon)
    Love's Lyric

    If I could script a song for you,
    I'd write words to make you smile.
    I'd keep your mood from frowning blue
    Which would make this piece worthwhile.
    Now, lets pretend that I could stay in pitch
    And lull you with my tune;
    I'd boast to be the kindest bitch
    And, again, watch your smile bloom.
    My sonnet would set to expunge your fears
    And set sail to your sorrow;
    Annihilate your tiresome tears -
    Know that this song I did not borrow.
    I hope & pray this makes your "tomorrow".
    With the glimmer & glisten in those green eyes,
    I know my goal achieved.
    Your face, your smile can tell no lies
    . . . My love is truly received ~

    ~The Mad Dr. Strange~
    written on November 10th, 2009 @ 10:45a.m.
  • Steve James
    by Steve James 5 years ago
    this poem it came from a painting of a room of fine art works painted in Renaissance lust
  • Steve James
    by Steve James 5 years ago
    Angels eyes now covered by their wings.

    the lady of the street night
    want to by my new date
    do you have somewhere we can go this late
    Ting a ling in both our hearts and ears
    singing to the sound
    breaking into backstreet at night so silently
    only curiosities shop name shines brightly
    passionate times persuade
    they searched in the dark for their altar of treachery
    in uninterrupted church oaths row debauchery
    amongst antiques antiquities
    her hand covering his wedding ring
    fully embracing the arms of infidelity so readily

    A fling while renaissances cherubs
    look down on loves passion
    while she ripped off his new shirt of modern street fashion
    the tongues kiss like vipers paired dance full on enhance
    Adams apple gulp
    in the dark both hands groped
    together in roped
    small sculptured kisses
    carried down his lovers body
    her hands fell back oddly
    on gods of Greek statuette
    in early mornings three o'clock silhouette
    many rest in their beds serene
    whilst awakens Eros sleeping in figurine

    tapestries hung of fifteenth century La Donna nude
    courtesans style chimes rang primitively rude
    her need pure sexual deed
    with strewed out accent scalars of pastime love
    only bedroom viewing read
    as both reach fulfilled lustful needs

    close of the exit door satisfaction warn
    oldest purse of olden days values earned
    behind them Venues De'Milo smile fell
    where morals story shop dwells
    one new pictured to sell
    of old unfaithful and the time old fling
    all the angels eyes now covered by their wings.

    Steve james.
  • Sonnet Diva
    by Sonnet Diva 5 years ago
    Andrew i created the Topic for you so they will have a place to post besides your wall. When ever you want to change it click create a topic type what you want us to write about and then remember to click two times
  • Andrew Vassell
    by Andrew Vassell 5 years ago
    Expressions of a man

    I'm expressing me as a man,
    I'm expressing me while I can
    but could it be God's plan, to
    share with everyone? With
    each poem that I write,
    It depicts an aspect of my
    life, the expressions of my
    heart are simply the feelings
    of my thoughts.

    Expressions of a man, takes
    only a true lady to understand.
    If you every see in me, you see
    the love that I feel and if you
    comprehend my thoughts you
    must treasure this heart.
    If you man expresses too then
    you've got one of the few.