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Poetry Madness

Life is madness I say, It's all madness!!!
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Life is madness I say, and then of course, so are the inspirations in our day to day lives. The opportunity to write poetry is always before us. Although, the muse portion of life may take many different forms and shapes we are never without inspiration. I mean, look around you, there is always something to inspire.

So get out pens and parchment and be inspired to participate in some sheer poetic madness!!!

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  •  Maria Mosaic  Poetry
    by Maria Mosaic Poetry 6 years ago
    Happy Labor day weekend , have fun be safe Love N Peace
  • angela summers sponseller-woodle
    hello everyone can i get some feedback on my poems they are in my blog thanks
  • Maggie  Keefe
    by Maggie Keefe 6 years ago
    I am so confused I followed a link here because I couldn't figure out to get to my page for some reason. Then I got here and the link didn't take me where I wanted to go which to Fridays thing w/ Kristine. It is kind of hard to figure out the navigation process in here. HELP! I wanted to write something for todays topic. But I can't find the forum. Hit me up at F/B I guess or here. Whichever is more convenient for you.
    hugs to all,
  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 7 years ago
    I just remembered it is TOESDAY... where did the memo fly to about MONDAY MADSUNDAYMIDNIGHTNESS????
  • Passionate Dragon Heart
    by Passionate Dragon Heart 7 years ago
    Hey, do we use the topics from FWC and post here? I am not sure how this group is working. Also, congratulations on finishing up writing college, smiles!
  •  Maria Mosaic  Poetry
    by Maria Mosaic Poetry 7 years ago
    Yeayayayayayayay I just posted a Up down poem , this is Fun fun Fun , Thank you Kristines for lighting some explosion pre works!! Yay Peace Blessings Maria
  • Horetep
    by Horetep 7 years ago
    Down with the shortness and the freedom of narrow parameters.
  • Kristine  Kenyon
    by Kristine Kenyon 7 years ago
    The Explosion of Expression has Started here in Mistress Kristine's Poetry Madness!

  • Cheyenne Starr
    by Cheyenne Starr 7 years ago
    Sounds Like fun!(: