When did you know you had a passion for writing?

Thu, Jul 21 2011 11:53am EDT 1
Robert Gibbons
Robert Gibbons
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this journey started in the second grade
it followed me like a ghost through
my elementary and I had to confront it
in the middle it was in the locker room
afraid to undress myself afraid to show
my private parts to public puberty afraid
somehow they would turn around
in the steamy room and see me
sneaking a look at who is bigger
and they all did it they wanted
to know who was bigger
I am still small as a pencil
and because of that I write
Thu, Jul 21 2011 11:59am EDT 2
Robert Gibbons
Robert Gibbons
22 Posts
and because I had to confront myself
with this private part in a public place
to show my limitation
I had no pubic hair yet
around or underneath
I have to one day tell it
I have to one day say this
is where it comes from
the pages of my first
middle school year book
the picture of me and him
in front of that tree at
the elementary school
our parents we friends
they both worked at the
same place and although
we we were inseparable then
time and distance comes back
in memory it comes back
in the form of the pencil

Sat, Mar 7 2015 05:38pm EST 3
crystal jackson
crystal jackson
86 Posts
i found i had passion for writting in the six grade miss Grey

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