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General Discussion
A general discussion forum for members of the network.
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"" - crystal jackson
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It Is What It Is
Real talk amongst poets and writers on everyday issues from relationships to politics. A topic created by Lattice Johnson aka Poetic Soultress
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"So true... and a good code of conduct for all!" - olwin mcdonald
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The Roundtable
A discussion fourm connecting writers to literary issues and translations
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"And it requires interpretation (*is what I would like to add)" - Soojung H
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Human Emotions: The Roundtable Discussions
Discussions about Emotional aspects of Life
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" " - steve've
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How to Navigate inside FCN
The Purpose of this forum is to leave "How To" Instructions on the various different ways to navigate inside FCN. As you learn, would you please take a moment to write down what you've learned in the most concise way you can so that others will understand how to get from place to place and how to work the different aspects of the network ~
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"To Edit pictures with the new Photo bucket format you have to pick RESIZE " - Sonnet Diva
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Are You Intimidated...
Have you ever found yourself ''intimidated'' by another individual; a writer, singer, fellow member?
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