Setting Up A Profile On FCN

 Tell us About Yourself: Once signed into FCN click on the “My Profile” tab located amongst many tabs at the top of the site under the header. Once on your profile page there will be five blocks. The first box and where you should get started is the “Edit Profile” box. Once opened the first thing you will see is your FCN profile page address link. Under the link is your nickname on FCN followed by an area you will type your first and last name or pen name, then your gender, date of birth, telephone number (optional of course). Next is an area containing your “Description”. In this area (your about section) tell reader or fellow literary artists about you or promote your publications, other websites, personal goals ect.. once you have filled out your “description” , there is a “Tags” section: Tags helps associate similar groups events and members for easier searching. eg. sports club rugby

. After “Tags” are two profile question that are optional. “Favorite Poets/writers” and “Favorite Quotes” and then it is important to click “Update” at the bottom. Now we know about you!!!

 Location: Next to the “Edit Profile” box is the “Location” box, once clicked you will have the option of providing your location. The only section mandatory is your city location. The site provides a fun map that shows other members where your location is. Once completed click “update”

The next box “Edit Account” allows you to change your email address and password if desired. It also allows you to “cancel” or “delete” your profile. Once completed click “update”.

 Next is your “Edit Privacy Settings” box. This allows you to click wether you want your profile viewed by friends or everyone. Also gives you options to show or hide things like your age, location, gender, email address, phone number. It also allows you to set your notifications on wether you want alerts sent to your email if someone comments on your profile or blog OR sends you an email on the site. Below that is your music player options, wether you want it to start automatically, shuffle or repeat. At the end of each field click “update”

Creating A Blog On FCN


  1. Click on "My Profile" and scroll down till you see "Add New" on the right side panel or click on "Latest Blogs" and click "Create new"
  2. When you blog editor appears you can either cut & paste your blog or write directly into the browser. It is recommended that you cut and paste from Microsoft word or another location where your writing is "saved". The Editor should show you options where you can change font, use HTML etc. If that is not there, either wait till it appears or refresh. Sometimes it is slow loading so when you post your writing will lose format and post as a single paragraph.
  3. After adding your text, it is required that you add "tags"…tags are words used to describe your blog ie. "Poetry" or "Spoken Word". Your blog will not post until you add at least one tag.
  4. There are options you must check or uncheck before posting. If you want your blog to post to "latest blogs" make sure you click the "post to magazine" box. Also choose your blog "Category" ie "Poetry" "Short Story", "Commentary" etc..
  5. You can also add video or images from the editor which allows you to upload from your computer or you can cut & paste an Image from another location.

Posting At Group Challenges

To Participate In FCN Group Challenges click on the "Groups" tab and click on any group you may be interested in. In each group there are several themes and challenges. To post your poetry, simply hit "reply" at the beginning and cut and paste your contribution. To reply to any posts, click the "Quote" button which copies that comment and allows you to add your comment to it. It takes a little getting use to but it is a simple process once you get use to it. Each host will send out a global email or bulletin when a challenge is posted for a particular day or set of days.

How To respond to poetry in the Group Forum

Look to the ---> (right) of the poem on the page. There are 3 buttons and one of them just says "quote" click that Then you can read their poem and at the bottom of it, leave your comment to their poetry. Then, "post".

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