The April Write Challenge 2010

The April Write Challenge 2010

Online.. Worldwide... at your computer... all through April 2010
1st April 2010 12:00AM
This is a public event.


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Celebrating National Poetry Month...

Your Hosts, Angela Edgar & Donna Parkinson aka D'Persona proudly present the 2010 April Write Challenge.

Open to everyone, this mass collaborative effort will see the collective writing a follow-up poem each day during April, based on a theme or topic which will be messaged to all group members.

You can write your poetic response just to the message of the day, or visit later on to muse off the last entries made.

With free verse days, we let you run wild! No theme necessary.

It doesn't matter that you might not be able to write every day (just catch up when you can).

It doesn't matter that you might not like to write at all, just to read.

All the same, we invite you to come to bask in the warm spring sunshine that is the AWC.

You can even let us know you came, with a post on the wall to say,

'How you doing!'.

Suggest this group to your friends today, invite all your writing/reading buddies, copy-post the group link in your profile, your notes, tag everyone so more can enjoy the 3rd annual AWC - on facebook for the first time this year!!/group.php?gid=107163825974334

Come Thursday 1st April, our pens will be sizzling just like a summer BBQ... juicy!

If you want to lead one of the days or have a topic to suggest to us, get in touch below....

We look forward to welcoming you.

Angee & Donna

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  • onlymepoetsmind
    by onlymepoetsmind 7 years ago

    theres a person i hear when i speak thats not me at all.
    iv let certian things go to far and my voice is what i let fall.
    i call out in mumbles, i cant speak clearly these stumbles have taken its toll now they look at my smile and fear me.
    i have suffered long enough,this path im walking exceptionaly rough.
    im tough a little too tough, i dont feel pain.
    like that part of the brain has been destroyed.
    its insane to think as a child you scraped you knee and cried, now pain that once made feel as though i had died affects me simply leaves me annoyed.
    i can not place blame for iv let this go.
    i can only turn it around and except shame as punishment for these things i did not know.
    my voice is the key to my life without it i am nothing but ink on paper.
    i need to be able to breath life into my script,recreate the caper.
    these are the teeth that tried to kill me.
    these are the words that will be.
    untill you hear me speak clearly, my words will live only half of what they are meant to see.
    soon my friends this will all come to an end and theres a new road ill be taking,making sure that i use my voice to make the world start shaking.
    so for mow i hope you will all understand im just listening to the voice i hear not the voice of the man i am.
    finally the appointmant has been planned,time to change my life to somthing i can jam finally done waiting ,damn.
  • Steve James
    by Steve James 7 years ago
    Behind my eyes,
    there stands a tower of stacked emotions,
    from foundation to sky,
    each apartment was fully furnished
    in high spec design,

    love once lived there,
    in great creation housed modern fashion,
    seemingly now vacant for years,
    now dustsheets lay over such passion,
    sentiments left in great rush,

    told my caretaker not to let love in,
    don’t wont it knocking at my door aging,
    that age of order long remains,
    it ransacked all floors never will it regain,
    the sign outside reads_ love once
    lived here not anymore,

    I live alone in the ramshackle penthouse,
    the self clamed love recluse doesn’t
    answer any call,
    hurts wind dose howl whipping in fury,
    the sway of the tall,
    loves not coming back up,

    this resident from refection’s of hurt,
    throughout minutes of day looks out,
    thought love was in the air,
    now groaned with clout,
    if you look up at his window,
    you can clearly see his sorrow,

    trembles left this tower now look at the fissure,
    told my caretaker love came in the gatecrasher,
    the hosts party long over,
    impair was the unwounded squatter,
    look into those eyes of vision,
    cobwebbed vacancy only stares out.

    Steve James
  • Angela  Edgar
    by Angela Edgar 7 years ago
    Hi Everyone, just to let you know I'm only running the AWC on one site - two is a little hard to manage!
    follow the link below and join in on facebook, but still feel free to leave posts here.

    We're on Day 5 and hopefully you are a group member already and therefore receiving your daily prompts - so you'll know when to come and read or to what contribute.

    Our themes/titles so far have been:

    Day 1 - Behind My Eyes
    Day 2 - Penz Gunning
    Day 3 - I Write Because...
    Day 4 - Free Verse - post a poem of any theme
    Day 5 - What You Waiting For?

    We understand that you all lead busy lives, so please take a moment to leave a message in our Feedback & Comments discussion. So we can know what you think so far and what you'd like to read or write about next.

    Thanks for your time,

    Angee & Donna

    (Apologies from now if you get this twice!)
  • Wraithinthepen
    by Wraithinthepen 7 years ago
    Old times
    so often i have left those memories ransacked
    only to recall i am the thief
    of all i have lost
    traded for rusted change
    those vast fortunes
    siezed by the hand gripping addiction
    few days break the constriction
    Still waters of realization
    standing knee deep
    suffer the rule of this falling administration
    i fall back to the days of old
    finding the unoticed peace left
    right behind
    treasures of a rotting box
    sorted in the ticking of hidden clocks
    now as i awake from damned days
    ciear eyes shelter me from this storm
    whose name i cannot forget...Wraithinthepen
  •  Maria Mosaic  Poetry
    by Maria Mosaic Poetry 7 years ago
    A pre -April 1st response to Kristines beautiful poem cause I may not have computer abilities most of tomorrow ( I love the tempo and layering in your poem Kristine , as well as message ) so I'm running with the theme it evoked in me a poetic repsonse .)

    ~Life is a Gift~

    How often have we heard,
    Love is a verb?

    Love is emotion,
    Love ~ IN ~motion,

    Beakons reaction,

    Equal attraction ,
    Never a distraction,

    ~To this Cresendo~
    A never ending sequal,

    Keep the beat going,,
    Keep this gift of love,
    Forever growing,

    There is no right way,
    There is no wrong way,

    The matter of importence..

    The Gift of love

    ©2009 MtMJA Mosaic Poetry
  • Kristine  Kenyon
    by Kristine Kenyon 7 years ago

    The volume
    In this
    Musical passage…
    In this…
    I wait…
    Bated breath
    To do it
    All over again
    I practice,
    To be made
    Love and gift
    Played out
    Are not
    They are
    In their right,

    Kristine Kenyon
    © 2009
  •  Maria Mosaic  Poetry
    by Maria Mosaic Poetry 7 years ago
    Sounds Awesome! April 1st it is Peace Blessings Maria