Poetry Madness:  The Great Mind Escape

Poetry Madness: The Great Mind Escape

Escape To A Place Of Your Mind's Greatest Pleasure
6th March 2012 12:00PM
Poetry Madness Fourm
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The Four Walls Of your confines?

“When I was pondering awhile back on a topic for poetry Madness, one word kept coming to mind and that was “water”. Water is my own great escape in the summer heat. Different sources of water, i.e. Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Waterfalls and even bottled Water. Then while I was already preparing this challenge and asking others to write poetry on water I received an invitation from another blog where the topic was water. I realized I wasn’t alone in thought, switched it up a bit and started pondering on what water meant to me….

I had an a-ha moment! It was…The Great Escape” ~ Kristine Kenyon


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  • Sophie Boswell
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