Celebrating 3 Years of Flexwriters Explosion of Expressions

Celebrating 3 Years of Flexwriters Explosion of Expressions

Writers from Flexwriters Cafe Family & Freinds Connecting to celbrate
5th December 2010 12:00PM
At Expolosion of Expressions Festival Group Site http://www.flexwriterscreativenetwork.net/groups/profile/152
This is a public event.



Its time to celebrate! 3 Years ago Flex writers Cafe was a vision for a cozy little writing blog on Myspace. Tarringo T Vaughan thought it would be nice to have a place where writers, no matter the level of writing skill ,could come as they were and flex their muscles together, while having fun while creating. We came and we flexed and built our skills, in a non -judgmental nurturing environment.
Writers of all kinds embracing diversity of style, respectfully appreciating each others uniqueness,while learning from each other giving each other positive feedback.

We had found a special home and we all knew it!
Well, this cozy blog grew so big,that Tarringo and his loyal creative visionary staff ,continued to build. Next, a place for those needing expression dealing with Urban Life came birthing Soldiers of Expression, SOE right here, along side a Blog Talk Radio Show VoCalInkorperated, where Spoken Artists could come and step up to the Mic!

Eventually, FWCN was established here at Flexwriterscreativenetwork, a Social Network made for writers to connect and have their own blogs,while participating in Round tables, writing contests, writing prompts complete with 'real time chat events,' and designer profiles. This is truly exciting!
Being socially conscious and current always, Tarringo, had a Online Magazine in mind ,as well and so Flex writers Online Magazine was also birthed.

In between all of this Tarringo found time, to put the first, of his many collections into book form and it was published this past year "Beyond Rainbows & Yellow Brick Roads" and many flex writers are now published too!

ALL OF THIS FROM A LITTLE INTIMATE BLOG, with only one requirement,that we come to have fun& flex...

Many of us have lost our respective "intimate spaces"at Myspace, due to the many new changes. Well we can still celebrate because through it all, we have all kept the vision with our pens flexing alive and strong making a difference in our lives and others in our own Flexible ways!

24/7 the Explosion of Expression Festival Tent will be open, Sunday December 5th..we will open at midnight and come bringing celebratory creative offerings for each other, The Staff, and Tarringo and PARTY TOGETHER!
Hope to see you!
Peace , Love and Blessings

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