Crimson Chaos Theater

Crimson Chaos Theater

Poetry meets performance
3rd December 2010 09:00PM
This is a public event.


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Poets one and all, it is time to raise the velvet curtain on our voices. To be heard and have some damn fun!

We all have unique voices to share with the world. We do so thru poetry. But, what happens when you mix poetry and performance! Well naturally you get one hell of a show! Bring on the Avant-garde, the Slams, bring your heart and soul. When you come here, the expectaion is to tap a little deeper into your soul each time and perform like nobody is watching!

You wrote it, be proud! Speak loud! Speak with passion!

Welcome all to Crimson Chaos Theater!

Where entertainment meets poetry!

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  • Tarringo Basile-Vaughan
  • Flexwriters Of Poetry
  • Kristine  Kenyon
  •  Maria Mosaic  Poetry
  • swade 73
  • Rachealgrace Adams
  • Native Name:SoldierBlue GhostRoad Walker
  • Depth Writer
  • stormy dormire

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  • Depth Writer
    by Depth Writer 7 years ago
    I wouldnt miss it for the world... Lookin forward to a shout out~!