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The Flexwriters Creative Network (www.flexwriterscreativenetwork.net)  was created for the purpose of connecting writers through expression, creativity and exploration.  As a social network, FCN is not just a place to share literature; it is also a place that provides opportunities for writers to share their voice and network.  FCN is another place to share and is not out to replace any other social network because we believe the more places to share, the better for the art of literature.  FCN also has several online literary pages.  FWM Online Magazine (www.fwmonline.net) for poetry news, essays, articles, interviews on society issues, literature or world events , The FWCares Project (www.fwcares.net) for poetry, writing that makes a difference , and Outspired Magazine (www.outspired.net) for LGBTQ literature and art, news & entertainment.  FCN is free to join so create your profile, publish blogs and share your expression!

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Celebrating 9 Years of Flexwriters

On December 2, 2007 FCN founder Tarringo T. Basile-Vaughan had a vision.  He wanted to create a place where literary artists, amateur and professional, could come together and share expression.  His goal was also to create an atmosphere where everyone had a chance to be read.  As we continue 2017, the focus of FCN will be to continue to be an outlet for writers, poets, spoken word artists as well as readers to come together in celebration of our common passion.  FCN would like to think all the writers who have been involved with Flexwriters and hope you continue to share, support and flex your literary ink!

FWM Online Magazine

FWM Online Magazine was founded in 2010 as an outlet for writers to share their voice. A member of the Flexwriters Creative Network, FWM Online features topics that range from author interviews to exploratory essays to articles on world and social events. FWM is also interested in writers who want to create weekly columns of editorials and or columns of advice. If you have a blog and is interested in having it featured at FWM end inquiries to Tarringo@fwmonline.net and if you are interested in sharing your work send an author bio and subject interest to FCN@fwmonline.net

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